CSGO: Top best standing positions in Dust II map for CT

In the map Dust II CS:GO, there are many strategic standing positions for the CT side that gamers can use, and each position has different advantages and disadvantages. Let’s refer to the top of the most effective standing positions for the CT side in the Dust 2 map through the article below.

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CSGO: Top best standing positions in Dust II map for CT

1st place: Pit (Long A)

The first place to mention is the Pit area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLong A. Long A is one of the most important areas in the Dust II map. If you capture Long A, you have almost captured site A and successfully planted a bomb.

Therefore, guarding this area from Long Gate is extremely important. Pit A again provides a perfect position for both attack and defense for players to improvise. However, you also need to be careful if the enemy team Rush A Long and quickly call your teammates for support.

Position 2: Car (Long A)

The second important area also located at site A is Car. This position can defend Short A extremely well, while helping the mid CT area.

When standing in this position, the best gun is AWM or sniper rifles with great damage and rangefinder.

3rd place: CT Mid

Mid is always the busiest area in Dust II because it is the central bridge between sites A and B to be able to deploy many different tactics. Therefore, guarding CT mid is very important.

However, also because of the complexity of mid, it takes extremely experienced and brave players to cope and hold this position. The guns to use are rifles, submachine guns (RIFLE)

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Location 4: Tunnel

Tunnel is also a very important place to prevent the enemy from placing bombs at site B. Therefore, CT needs to focus on this area.

The favorite location for many professional gamers is in the Box opposite the Tunnel door. Any enemy that goes out the door will be in the gun’s range. If you get smock at the hatch, switch to mid and support your teammates.

Good luck!

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