Summary of giftcode and how to enter the code Sparkling Star

Sparkling star is a dating simulation game that is being searched and played by many people today. When playing this game, you will be transformed into any character in the game and participate in romantic love dates, based on the available plot of the game.

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To welcome new players to this exciting game, the game’s system has given players a lot giftcode with many attractive gifts guide. Here, will introduce the article Summary of giftcode and how to enter the code Sparkling Star, invite you to consult.

Synthesize the giftcode of the game Sparkling Star

Code for the entire server of Sparkling Star:

  • 100Serves
  • MondayGift
  • NSLL2021

Note: Each code is only applicable once entered for 1 game account, cannot be used for different servers in the same account.

Instructions to enter the code for the game Twinkling Stars

Step 1: Open the game Sparkling Stars on my phone, then login game account mine.

Step 2: In the main interface of the game, click on the item Other services on the left side of the screen.

Step 3: At this time, a window will appear on the screen “Other services, tap the item Exchange code.

Click on Other Services Click on Redeem Code mục

Step 4: At the window Redemption code, insert code one of the codes above, then press the . button Change.

Step 5: At this time, the screen will display all the gift codes you have received. Touch the phone screen to get all the gifts.

Enter the code Get a gift

Wishing you success!

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