PUBG is getting hit with rocks again for giving … “fake” gun skins to famous streamers

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The receipt of own weapon skins in PUBG which is the honor of the streamer. This is a special gift that the development team sent to the famous streamer as a thank you for their great contribution to the game and the community. However, unlike Shroud or Dr. Disrespect, the people who were given genuine skins by Bluehole, Gary ‘BreaK’ Marshall – a streamer and a member of Team SoloMid, received a very “fake” skin set. The audience community, after knowing this, was angry on behalf of BreaK, thinking it was an act of disrespect to the male streamer of Bluehole.


Sharing in a recent livestream, BreaK said that an employee of the PUBG development team contacted him to give him a set of his own weapon skins. BreakK 3 days to decide but sadly, the developer did not provide any skins for his main weapon but instead only secondary options.

“I’m not lying, I wasn’t given a main weapon skin at all. All I got selected were pistols, uzis and shotguns. Now I want to ask you, which one do you want me to choose?”

After the clip went viral in PUBG community, not only the audience but many other famous streamers also expressed their displeasure on behalf of BreaK. Rusk1turbo – streamer, player of the Pittsburgh Knights team posted:


“Is this a joke @PUBG? One of the most prominent streamers on Twitch, BreaK, ends up only getting trash, pistols, uzis or shotguns!? What a silly joke, he deserves much better!”

Next is Jake ‘ChocoTaco’ Throop and Colton ‘Viss’ Visser, both influential streamers in the PUBG community who are also quite upset by the action of the development team:


“This is downright stupid”


“One of PUBG’s most loyal supporters. This is very disrespectful. What do you think you can give BreakK such fake skins. He has been playing PUBG since the release of the Alpha test until now. BreakK has been building a strong community on Twitch over the years. Give him what he deserves.”

However, the fact that Bluehole gave BreakK only 3 days to choose, it seems that they will not change their decision no matter how angry the online community is.

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