Getting gamers to watch ads if they don’t disclose personal data, mobile games are heavily stoned

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In the age of technology, information security has never been so threatened. Just login a simple game on mobile phone, our personal data can also be stolen easily. Puzzle Fuzzle – a title puzzle game quite common on the Android platform is a good example. Once downloaded to the phone, players will be forced to view more ads if they refuse a request to allow the game access to personal data. Obviously, this makes gamers extremely uncomfortable, most do not hesitate to delete the game immediately after receiving this notice.

“If you do not give us permission to use your personal data, you will not receive our maximum support. We will not be able to detect errors you may encounter in the game, and even will even show more ads because we make money from it”

Most of us are still very vague about how mobile video games are collecting information from users. While Puzzle Fuzzle openly intends to steal personal data by giving such notice, many other companies are “higher-handed”, they covertly run software or malicious code to collect information. that the player does not know. The series of large-scale personal information leaks revealed each year is the best proof of this.


In 2014, Yahoo claimed a cyberattack stole the real names, email addresses, dates of birth, and phone numbers of 500 million users. The world’s largest social network Facebook is also constantly facing allegations related to personal information leakage or most recently, the game industry’s E3 2019 event, more than 2,000 participants have been exposed. individual. Many people say their private lives are being seriously affected by frequent harassment from strangers, and some even say that their lives are in danger.


Many game companies argue that, if they work hard to create free games, they also need to make a profit, but it is clear that selling player data is a violation of the law. The bitter end of Puzzle Fuzzle has proven, if the developers can’t make the game attractive enough and continue to rely on selling user information to make money, sooner or later, the end is not far away. .​

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