Project Relic – Crazy beautiful ARPG game developed by only 5 people

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Besides the AAA blockbusters from the leading game companies in the industry, sometimes the passionate games of indie developers also bring unbelievable surprises to the gaming community. Project Relic –title action game from a Korean indie studio is one such game.

Project Cloud Games, the game’s developer, is a studio with only 5 members in total. This development team recently suddenly attracted attention thanks to the release of a trailer for its first game – Project Relic. According to the introduction, this is a mulitiplayer action game revolving around the relics of ancient human civilizations.

It is known that these are just the initial prototype images of the game, the developer intends to recruit and launch a large crowdfunding campaign for the development and completion of Project Relic in the future. 2022. Although it is only an early trailer, the game impresses with its fighting style, smooth movement, and even better than other titles. indie games The West. Project Relic is expected to launch in 2022 on PC and console, promising to be a potential game in the Korean market.​


Talking more about Project Cloud Games, the founder of this studio is considered an experienced person who has worked as a visual effects designer for the Marvel cinematic universe as well as participated in Call projects. of Duty, League of Legends or Star Wars: The Old Republic…​

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