It’s funny how gamers die because the PC is too powerful

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The dream of a gamer is to have in hand a powerful PC ready to handle any game with great graphics and enjoy great 3D frames. It is the desire of anyone who loves games and seems to be the absolute destination of a hardcore gamer. But have you ever thought that it’s because your computer is so powerful that your character can die instantly in one title? shooting game?


The strange story that seemed impossible turned out to be true in Destiny 2 – game title FPS combined MMORPG just launched not long ago. Accordingly, if your PC is too powerful and pushes the frame rate to high, the character you control may have to receive an unbearable death.


Specifically in the new DLC part of Destiny 2, players can participate in a completely new event with the goal of helping gamers complete missions together. However, to reach the place of the event, gamers will have to go through a form of express device with the ability to let the character fly to the place they want. This is supposed to be just a normal way of moving and in itself is no longer strange to Destiny gamers.

However, in the PC version, if the player jumps into this device with a frame rate exceeding 60 FPS, the character will be thrown to the ground like a sack of meat. The result you must have guessed: an instant death that cannot be undone. The reason this happens is likely because the developer forgot to calculate the hardware power of the PC when the character moves at a fast speed. When the frame is high, the character’s flight speed also translates, inadvertently causing the game to miscalculate the force when the player lands on the ground.


This is indeed a unique case in the gaming industry when the computer is so powerful that the player has to accept a painful death in the game. In the past, the writer has only once heard that the computer is so powerful that the game play is affected. Such was the case with Red Faction Guerrilla when the game failed to “accelerate” all activity in the game if the player’s RAM was too large.

Hope Destiny 2 will soon fix this error so that PC gamers no longer have to have a headache because their PC is too “fine”.

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