5 Super Powers In Manga That Fans Always Want To Own

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Manga and anime is a virtual world, so there is no shortage of main characters possessing extraordinary abilities, making ordinary people in the real world like us admire. So which superpowers in the manga do fans want to possess the most?

1. Death saves the world: Yagami Raito


Yagami Raito is the main character in Death Note, anyone who only needs to have his name written in the death book will die. Possessing an extremely high IQ, melancholy acting and strong psychological qualities, Yagami feels suffocated with the “tastelessness” of the world, thinking that this world is too corrupt and wants to create a new world. no crime.

2. The Eye of Infinity: Nanami Yasuri


As the older sister of the main character in “Katanagatari”, she looks weak but is actually extremely strong. She has extremely special eyes that can be immediately learned and used by looking at something, the so-called “strongest in Japan”, cursed by a demon disease that cannot be killed. Miss.

3. One-eyed Death: Otosaka Yuu


Otosaka Yuu is the main character in “Charlotte”, at first he can take other people’s bodies but in just 5 seconds, then he can directly steal other people’s abilities, challenging the army.

4. Mankind’s Strongest Warrior: Levi Ackerman


As the captain of the reconnaissance corps in “Attack on Titan”, he is small and thin, but is considered “the strongest warrior in the world”. On the outside, Captain Levi is a cold, ruthless person who rarely shows his true mood, but his strength can make anyone slurred.

5. Terminator: Brandish·μ


Brandish·μ is a character from “Fairy Tail”, a member of the Spiggan 12 of the Alvarez Empire. Her magic is that she can change the size of objects, even making a country disappear within a single note.​

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