Pokemon GO Halloween 2019 Event Revealed

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Time to get spooky, Niantic announced its Halloween 2019 Pokemon Go event today. The annual event will kick off on Thursday, October 17, what can we expect? There will be new variations in Pokemon’s outfits, new outfits for trainers, a new legend, and the chance to catch some rare Pokemon.

Pokemon Go players will also have a chance to catch Shiny Yamask, an introduced Generation 5 Pokemon. In keeping with the event’s theme, the appearance of Pokemon Ghost and Dark Type staying in some areas will be more often, a little more than usual.

Pokemon Go Halloween 2019

Pokemon GO Halloween 2019 Event Revealed

The legend appearing in this event is Darkrai who will appear in 5-star raid battles, right at this event. Players will also have a chance to earn twice as many candies when eggs hatch, transfer, or catch Pokemon.

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Since the introduction of Team Rocket in Pokemon Go, there have been a number of “Dark Pokemon” introduced. Shadow Pokemon, when “Purified”, are easier to level up with Candy and Stardust. Here is the list of shadow Pokemon that will be introduced in the event Halloween:

– Weedle
– Kakuna
– Beedrill
– Electabuzz
– Magmar
– Seedot
– Nuzleaf
– Sableye
– Trapinch
– Cacnea
– Shuppet
– Duskull

Pokemon Go Halloween 2019

Halloween 2019 event of Pokemon GO will take place from October 17 until the end of the day November 1. So you will have more than 10 days in October to participate in this event, collect Pokemon for a limited time and earn Candy, XP are the things that you can do during Halloween 2019 Pokemon GO event come here.

Whether you are a casual player or a veteran player, these types of events should not be missed. It certainly takes time to earn the required amount of Stardust, Candy and XP under normal circumstances. Events like these push to make you game easier, much more powerful. Also, you see List of Pokemon GO game eggs Updated and most complete here.

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