Pokemon Go 2021: Everything you need to know

Pokemon Go still growing strongly after nearly 5 years of successful launch. Niantic continuously adds new features and content Pokemon Go through periodic updates. In the year 2021, Pokemon Go What’s so attractive? Let’s find out with Download.vn!

Pokemon Go 2021

The current state of Pokemon Go

Present Pokemon Go There are nearly 600 species for players to capture. This figure includes all 251 Pokemon from Kanto, Johto and all other regions. However, one of them first appeared in Hoenn (Kecleon, for some reason has yet to be included in the game). 103 of Sinnoh’s 107 Pokemon have also been added to the game with Phione, Manaphy, Shaymin, and Arceus ready to wait for the action. From here, however, the Pokédex began to reveal some rather large gaps.

What is Pokemon Go 2021?

Unova currently lacks 14 Pokemon while there are still 51 Pokemon Kalos left that the player cannot get. So far, the Galar area is still the place to be underrated, with only 6 Pokemon Gen 8 in Pokemon Go. It’s probably not surprising to say they’re the latest Pokemon. It’s also worth noting that Pokemon Galar forms are included in the game, as is Alolan.

Mega Evolution was added in early 2020. However, at the time of writing there are only 9 forms, of which, there are 2 X & Y variants of Charizard. There are 48 different Mega Evolution in the Pokemon universe. As such, Niantic still has a long way to go to catch up with the main series.

Niantic’s addition of Mega Evolution also introduced Mega Raids, along with the usual raids, gyms, and training battles. It all becomes an important part of the current Pokemon Go experience. Defeating a boss in a Raid battle is still the only way to catch rare Pokemon. This doesn’t seem to change in Pokemon Go 2021.

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Variants of Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go 2021 events confirmed

The Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto event is the biggest, taking place on February 20. It will provide the first 150 Kanto Pokemon for raids and confrontations. That means Mewtwo and 3 legendary birds can be recovered. Catching all 150 Pokemon in 7 days will also give players a choice of rewards. Additionally, completing the event’s special research missions will give you a chance to catch a Shiny Mew.

To link to initial releases, players will have two choices between red and green versions during the event. That will decide Pokemon they can go head-to-head with in the wild.

Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green

In these two titles, Ekans, Oddish, Mankey, Growlithe, Scyther and Electabuzz are exclusive to the red version and the blue version will have Sandshrew, Vulpix, Meowth, Bellsprout, Magmar & Pinsir. In addition, the rate of Pokemon clashes is higher depending on the game version the player chooses.

Unfortunately, the above event has a pretty high “entrance ticket” price, about 11.99 USD. Furthermore, players will not be able to use PokéCoins to make purchases. As such, you most likely have to spend cash. For those who still have a vacancy in the Kanto Pokédex, it can be a worthwhile investment. Anyone who’s been playing Pokemon Go since its release will likely find a lot of value here.

Before it all started, Niantic went on to launch special regional events. Each event lasts 5 days. Pokemon in each area have been programmed to appear at an increased rate both in clashes and 5km eggs. Pokemon 2021 also has some special challenges and research quests that need to be completed and some Pokemon possessing special moves that appear for a limited time. The Unova Celebration event has come and gone, but there are some other events taking place in 1/2021, including:

  • Unova Celebration Event (January 5 – January 10)
  • Sinnoh Celebration Event (January 12 – January 17)
  • Hoenn Celebration Event (January 19 – January 24)
  • Johto Celebration Event (January 26 – January 31)
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Mega Ampharos will also appear in Mega Raids from January 19, becoming the ninth Mega Pokemon to be added to the game, following the additions of Mega Venasuar, Mega Charizard, Mega Blastoise, Mega Pidgeot, Mega Beedrill, Mega Gengar, and Mega Houndoom. , Mega Abomasnow at the end of 2020. There is currently a little bit of information about Mega Evolution coming to Pokemon Go 2021.

The above are Latest information about Pokemon Go 2021. If you know anything else, please share with Download.vn readers!

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