Location and how to farm Bach lapis lazuli in Genshin Impact

Cách có Bách hợp lưu ly trong Genshin Impact

Glaze Lily – Genshin Impact Although limited in use, it is extremely expensive. Therefore, you should collect it when possible, especially when you have Ningguang. Here’s where and how to get the flowers Genshin Impact’s lapis lazuli.

How to get the lapis lazuli in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, Lily of the valley is a tree with deep roots in the history of Liyue. Players can only find it growing in certain areas in this region. So, at first, finding it will be a bit difficult.

The lapis lazuli is a necessary leveling material for Ningguang and is used to craft the Geoculus Resonance stone. This flower blooms at a certain time although you can harvest them at any time. Here are the best way to farm a cypress in Genshin Impact.

Location and how to farm Bach lapis lazuli in Genshin Impact

The location where you can find the lapis lazuli in Genshin Impact

The location of Genshin Impact's Cypress flower

Lily-of-the-valley is a flower found only in Liyue. Qiqi or Yanfei can help you find them. Both Yanfei and Qiqi place markers on the minimap but they don’t indicate anything special there. When examining the markers, you can find many resources, such as the red flower Jueyun Chili next to the lapis lazuli.

You will find lapis lazuli in Qingce village and in Liyue seaport in the Yujing Terrace garden.

How to get the best lapis lazuli in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Sword Map

Glaze Lily grows in the fields around Qingce Village. You can start on a small or large field as you like. This flower will grow back in a few days and can bloom in minutes. After completing the work in Quingce village, head to the teleport point at the Feiyun slope of Liyue port.

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Climb the steps to the area where Rex Lapis was killed, and you’ll see the lapis lazuli appear scattered around this garden. They are extremely conspicuous, especially when in bloom between 18:00 and 6:00. You can also buy them from Ms.Bai but the price is very expensive.

Where to buy and the price for Genshin Impact Bách

Glaze Lily Price in Genshin Impact

You should only buy Glaze Lily if you are on the way to leveling up your character by Ms. Bai in Qingce Village sells them at a hefty price. You can buy a set of 3 flowers of Bach Hop Ly Ly for 50,000 mora/cotton. The total of 3 flowers is 150,000 mora.

Above is where and how to get the lapis lazuli in Genshin Impact. Please share with Download.vn readers other information you know about this flower!

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