Pointing out the hard-to-treat bad habits of gamers, making Valentine’s seasons still “Eye”

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Single – E – or FA (Forever Alone) is the common situation of many young people today. And of course behind this fate there will be countless reasons to mention. Especially among them, we gamers are also listed as having chronic FA disease, and it seems that it is not unfair when gamers are often ranked in the top FA group, because … this is the reality.

So what problems make gamers “forever and for all eternity” to live in this “disease”? Let’s also give Emergenceingame.Com a few reasons below and try to think about what bad habits you are having to overcome in time!

Gamers are often treated as children

Games have always been associated with the concept of childish games and childish games. Therefore, even if you are past the age of “adolescent”, once you are addicted to the game, you are still just a big kid who refuses to grow up. But girls, with the instinct to like to be pampered, cared for, and protected, they will be more likely to notice mature, mature guys than the “childish” guys who just know how to plug in all the time. face buried in “useless” games.


Games take up most of the time

Of course, having become a gamer, the game will take up most of your leisure time, even “encroaching” on other jobs if you do not control your hobbies properly. physical. That’s why gamers have almost no time, worse still, no time to think about love, dating, flirting.


Or curse

One of the bad habits that makes the image of gamers lose points in the eyes of many people is swearing. It’s not too difficult to see guys, even elementary and middle school boys, sitting smoking cigarettes in internet cafes, playing games and spewing out harsh words while playing games. And of course, very few girls would be interested in such a rude guy.​



Almost every bad habit in the world can be concentrated on a gamer, and the lazy nature can be considered the most typical. Actually, it must be 100%, but the truth must be 99%. Especially in terms of clothing and living.


Physical weakness

Lazy, then of course the sports item for gamers is something too luxurious. Their paradise is computer, mouse, keyboard and they can stick with it all day without getting tired. It is that laziness that causes most gamers to have many health problems and weak physical conditions. And you know, nobody likes skinny, sick, pale people, let alone girls.


Clums in flirting

There is a saying that “boys love with their eyes, girls love with their ears”. Therefore, in order to gain sympathy with a girl, the way you speak and talk is an extremely important factor. But it seems that most gamers go against this “pattern” when it can be judged that it is quite clumsy in the way of flirting. Due to too much focus on the game world, it seems that their communication with the outside life is very limited. Therefore, it is difficult for them to say sweet, emotional sentences, or at least find something interesting to interest the audience.


Too boring, boring

With our lazy nature, we gamers tend to “simplify” in any matter, from dress, hair, appearance, eating, talking… It’s because it’s so simple. makes it easy for them to become… tedious and boring. They don’t seem to know how to create a highlight, or something special to make themselves more attractive and attractive. The life around them seems to be encapsulated in a few simple hobbies, even only games. If you are not a girl who also loves games, it is very difficult for you to approach or sympathize with her with just your boring hobby.

Now that you understand the reason why until now, since Valentine year after year are you still single? If you do not want to continue this chronic disease any longer, quickly overcome these disadvantages as quickly as possible!

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