The unexplainable sorrows of League of Legends gamers during the epidemic season (P.2) noi buon cua game thu lmht mua dich 9 - Emergenceingame

5. Feed is to give up


It is a fact that the more time and opportunity people have to start over, the easier it is to give up. This is the common mentality of many people and gamer is not an exception. In addition to the boredom with familiar generals, gamers now have a huge amount of time in their hands that makes them feel like everything can be redone easily.

Having a huge amount of time makes gamers increasingly indifferent to the opportunities they have. For example, a ranking series that used to make gamers have to try hard as much as possible, but now with more time, they can enter the rating series more often. This leads to a lot of gamers complaining about the higher and higher surrender rate when they are leading and teammates are more and more likely to give up if they miss the feed.

This is considered a common psychological state of many people, but put yourself in the position of your teammates before exiting the game. Anyway, bravely admitting mistakes and confronting, it will be much more “manly” than pushing your teammates to accept the fight to correct your mistakes before.

6. Net shop is closed


The last base of the gamers association has recently officially closed a series, making players shocked and regretful. This is one of the moves to prevent the current spreading situation. Although this has one main advantage, it makes a series of matches without the “young buffalo” teammates completely.

But this is also a fatal blow to the association of gamers who do not have computers, when they now have no tools to participate in. Justice Arenain situation Wild Rift It’s still a long way from a beta release. This is a very unfortunate incident, causing the true gamer having to sit at home to do homework even though there is a lot of free time during the day.

7. Do not watch the Tournaments like


As mentioned above, the closure of the net shop making gamers suddenly have a huge amount of time in hand. But except for doing homework or entertaining with games on the phone, gamers also have no way to be able to follow the tournament as usual.

VCS only live on weekends plus the suspension of major tournaments like the LCK, leaving gamers with only a way to watch the “loose” lesson plans of an online teacher. This is considered a very dangerous action that can wreak havoc on your level with blinding comedies and will eventually make you lose your inherent level. So be careful with the time frame streamjust for fun and do not imitate you.

8. No money load game


If the suffering of “poor” gamers is to have to endure the situation of not being able to touch the game, for “rich” gamers, the situation is not much better. In addition to always being in a state of limited bandwidth, gamers also lose a support from their parents because they only have to stay at home and don’t go out.

This makes many gamers fall into poverty, can only gaming and quietly look at newly released outfits that can’t be owned. This is almost a torture for them because if they can’t get the sets skin newly released, gamers of this type will feel very frustrated and uncomfortable. Since it is difficult and expensive to own epic skins at the end of the event, it can cost them the opportunity to replenish their skins collection. darling general mine.

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