Unknowingly revealing his true face, the hot streamer made fans run away in panic

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Born in 1998, Huo Xian Mei is a hot streamer from Hunan, China. Commonly known by the nickname hxm666666, she began to gain attention from the audience when playing a number of popular games such as CrossFire, Honor Of Kings and PUBG on Kwai – a Chinese social networking platform.

With a lovely face and sweet voice, Hoa Tuyen Muoi won the hearts of many gamers and viewers around the world. The female streamer has a height of 1m60, pursues a cute Lolita style with good gaming skills, it is easy to understand why she attracts a large number of fans online.


However, the truth of her beauty value is probably just a product of photoshop and photo editing apps. In recent days, photos that are said to be her bare face are spreading widely, making fans surprised and alarmed. Instead of a lovely chubby face, the female streamer revealed a completely different, tired and less sharp face. Many people even decided to unfollow and leave the fandom because they were scared and too disappointed.

The female streamer’s bare face is disappointing

Hoa Tuyen Muoi is not the only female streamer who deliberately hides her true face to earn fame and attract viewers. Many hot girls from China and other countries have faced a wave of boycotts after revealing their real faces. Of course, in this day and age, especially girls, everyone uses photoshop, but overdoing it too far from reality is really not advisable.​

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