10 Horror Stories You Won’t Believe Are From Marvel

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Talk about Marvel We are talking about characters Super hero and evil, epic battles to protect the righteous and against the forces that threaten the Earth. Marvel’s stories are always colorful with good and evil always separate. But few people know that hidden deep inside that beautiful picture are strange stories with bold colors of horror.. And here are 10 characters representing those stories, which will make you really surprised. when it belongs to Marvel.

Son of Satan

When it comes to Satan, of course we will be witnessing the world’s hottest heresies and demonic stories in the entertainment world. Son of Satan – Marvel’s version of John Constantine, is a prime example of that. Although we understand that no one has the right to choose the position at birth, we will still have to roll our eyes when we know that our father is the lord of Hell. Born to a mortal mother, Daimon Hellstrom grew up in a Jesus orphanage after his mother went insane when he learned that he had slept with the Demon Lord.. Growing up and becoming a professor of science. Anthropologically, Daimon soon finds his life turned upside down to become an exorcist and a true supernatural detective. Ironically, his life pushed him into the battle against the evil and sick forces unleashed by his father into the world..


Terror, Inc

The character in the Marvel world is probably no one more “sick” than Terror – who was originally an almost immortal entity that existed from the very first days that humanity was formed. The story begins when the Cro-Magon tribe kills a deformed bear with green skin and thorns growing all over it. The man who finished off the bear immediately appeared like the creature he killed. Wearing rotten green skin and a face full of thorns, the man who would become the Terror of modern times shouldered both the power and curse of the demonic creature.. Driven out of the tribe, this man lived. over the centuries with different names. One of them is Shreck – the abuser in the Dark Ages and spread fear everywhere. But during this time he developed feelings for a woman and after her death her body was sealed into metal, becoming a part of him. When this metal part is attached to his body it will never rot. In modern times, the man now known as Terror is a mercenary assassin whose main hand is the evil Boneyard – who provides him with new body parts because of Terror’s constantly rotting state.


Morbius The Living Vampire

While bloodsuckers are not a foreign thing to the Marvel world, Mobius is somewhat special compared to the rest. A Nobel Prize-winning biochemist, Michael Morbius was unknowingly infected with a strange blood cell disease. Deciding to conduct an experiment involving blood-sucking bats in order to save himself, Morbius suddenly transforms himself into a half-human, half-bat creature. With skin as white as a corpse, long fangs and, above all, an extreme thirst for blood.. Morbius found himself becoming a true bloodsucker. Morbius also later became a villain facing Spider-Man, but then decided to choose the path of an “anti-hero” to move on.


Werewolf by Night

Jacob “Jack” Russel is the unlucky heir to a centuries-old lineage who is cursed by the curse that every three nights of the first full moon he will transform into a half-human, half-wolf monster with a storm. extreme bloodthirsty. Discovering the monstrous nature of his bloodline shortly after his 18th birthday, Jack became a nomad… like a different version of Bruce Banner. Jack never stays in one place for too long and often locks himself in on nights when he knows the monster will awaken. But his efforts were not always successful. Growing old over time, Jack began to gain control over his abilities and was able to transform at will while still retaining the human mind inside. However, even so, on full moon nights, the monster inside Jack still comes to life and bathes in the blood of even those he loves most.


Darkhold Redeemers

Darkhold is a version of the Necronomicon in the Marvel world, a book of magic written by the infamous demon Chthon. The strange power inside the book is the source of the disease that causes vampires and werewolves and countless other bloody historical events on Earth. Jack, Morbius and many other reluctant victims… must all be indebted to the Darkhold. Over time, the pages of Darkhold fell into the hands of various innocent people and the cost was their own painful souls. The story of Darkhold Redeemers begins with Victoria Montesi, a descendant of an ancient family with the power to protect and stop the Darkhold from wreaking havoc on the world. Forming the organization Darkhold Redeemers, Victoria called upon individuals with a talent for spirituality and magic to help her. They include paranormal professor Louise Hastings, magical uncle Jinx, Interpol agent Sam Buchanan, and sinister sorcerer Modred the Mystic.

One of Chthon’s limbs.

After a series of different events, the Darkhold Redeemers became a decaying organization under the threat of evil forces, which killed Louise Hastings while Victoria herself was pregnant with the evil child of Chthon (Continued) ).​

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