Genuine hardcore fan makes an emergency stop, turns on 8 phones at the same time just to… plow Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go is one of the titles mobile games Addictive for the ultimate gamers. Released in 2016, Pokemon Go caused a craze on mobile at that time. 3 years after the official launch, the game still has a stable player base and is especially popular in some countries. In Japan, people even encourage people to play Pokemon Go to combine with exercise.​


Obviously, this is a very suitable game for entertainment after stressful working and studying hours, but we must also consider the appropriate time and place to play so as not to lead to troubles and mistakes. regrettable mistake. Recently on Highway 518 in the suburbs of Seattle (USA, a driver stopped the car completely just to… plow Pokemon Go.

The incident happened on the evening of August 13 on National Highway 518, police discovered a car was parked in the emergency lane on the highway. Thinking that the driver was having trouble with the car, such as a blown tire, running out of gas or something mechanical, the police came to inquire if he needed help. However, when approaching the car, the policeman discovered that this driver was attentively catching Pokemon. And it is worth mentioning here that not only 1 but up to 8 mobiles work at the same time to serve this player’s game.​


8 mobiles are placed on a foam pad for fixation, all screens show the skin of Pokemon Go. After that, the driver was not fined because he still had some reason to play the game only after he parked the car. Sergeant Kyle Smith – one of the members of the patrol that day asked him to put his phone in the back seat so as not to be distracted and drive out of the emergency parking space, this is not the place to catch Pokemon. .

Police officer Rick Johnson of the Washington Federal Patrol said there was in fact an accident where a driver was busy playing Pokemon Go and crashed into another vehicle. He thinks there are definitely more than one accident due to playing Pokemon Go, but it often goes unreported because people don’t report this when the police investigate.​


Indeed, playing the game is not bad, but gamers should also pay attention to the duration, time and location of the game so as not to affect their own health as well as not affect or threaten the safety. of the people around

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