Diving for 4 hours to visit his girlfriend through the game, the boy was disillusioned with the island girl

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The stories of love, friendship, and soulmate that transcend geographical distances in online games are no longer a strange thing, when people find common ground, the harmony in their souls and personalities, the Falling in love with each other is also understandable. That’s why many young men and women have been married from here, even if they are thousands of kilometers away, North and South, or our two wests, but with sincere love and sharing, they Still trying to overcome together and write up beautiful love stories like a dream.

However, life is not always rosy, love stories in the virtual world are full of sweet fruits, but sometimes there are also countless bitter ones. The real world and the virtual network are so far apart that many people become disillusioned.

A man’s love story Audition gamer Below is a typical example of them. Knowing each other through the game, the guy traveled 4 hours by car to visit his girlfriend with high hopes for a good relationship. But after only a few conversations, this gamer was really disillusioned when she repeatedly made excuses to borrow money.​


“Do you have any friends like me? Virtually acquainted, then went up to meet him, went away for 4 hours to visit him. As soon as I came, I talked 1 or 2 sentences and told me that there were 4 hungry children to lend me 100k. I found it funny and then I said yes. Then went out to eat and drink on the net for about 1 hour, she borrowed 200k again and said that she rented a hotel for her younger siblings to sleep in, I also borrowed it, actually the room was 130k. That’s the first time I met her.”

After listening to sharing about the “bad cry and laugh” case of the guy above, many people expressed sympathy when they were in the same situation. “The first and last time was to criticize poverty and beat rings of all kinds, saying that if you don’t have money, don’t play racing for au vip rings. Life is light.” “I’m not talking about that boyfriend telling me about it or that girlfriend unknowingly borrowing money and not paying it back, but I see what’s wrong with the kids now? How do you live with hundreds of thousands of people also swinging from one person to another to borrow another person, not studying or doing anything at night, just net and then the game turns money.


But besides that, there are some opinions that judge the guy, saying that his son has a few hundred thousand also brought out the story, not to mention that it was because he borrowed the money himself, no one forced it. chief.

Quite a lot of funny and interesting stories about meeting you, your lover through the game for the first time, are shared by gamers. Many of them have stuck together and come to a beautiful ending in the present. So our gamers don’t take the case of the guy above to feel confused or discouraged, just be brave, maybe your half is waiting somewhere in the game?

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