Duong Qua TV – The handsome hero of the streamer world broke his own record with one hand

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Streamer Duong Qua TV real name is Nguyen Trong Bac Born in 1992 in Hanoi. He started livestreaming more than 2 years ago and has a stable viewership. Coming to the streamer path, the difficulty that Duong Qua TV has to go through compared to others is much bigger. But because of his passion, faith and family’s support, he is determined to try to pursue this work and always strive to become a professional streamer.


Close-up of the handsome beauty of Streamer Duong Qua.

Regarding taking the nickname Duong Qua, he explained that partly because he loved the famous character in the historical drama The Condor Heroes, partly because after a sudden traffic accident, he became paralyzed in his arm. right.

The first days of the livestream were probably the most difficult for him. Having to do everything with one hand is already difficult, playing games, controlling champions to move, use skills, … with one hand is even more difficult. To facilitate the livestream, Duong Qua could not sit comfortably like others, but had to sit on the ground. Sitting in such a position caused him to have some health problems and often suffer from body aches.

But over all, his hard work has paid off. Currently, he is a streamer with a certain place in the gaming community and a Creator belong OTA Network is working on the platform Facebook Gaming. Proof of that great effort is break my own record with 6830 concurrent viewers. Indeed, this is a number that is not only large and meaningful for this young man himself, but also has a certain influence on the Creator MOBA community in general as well as the community. Arena of valor in particular.

His highest concurrent views ever.

After finishing the stream, Duong Qua TV himself shared this information on his personal Facebook page and thanked everyone for supporting and accompanying him throughout the past time. BBT Emergenceingame.Com would like to congratulate him and hope this number will not stop here.

If you want to see with your own eyes the Great Hiep God of the Arena of Valor village performing great skills, you can follow Duong Qua TV via Fanpage:​

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