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Pew Pew got angry, responded harshly when he was criticized for “getting paler”

As recently reported, PewPew and Misthy just had the opportunity to appear together in episode 8 of the program “Voice Ai Voice” on channel HTV7 on the evening of September 15 as guest commentators. With their usual virtuosity, humor and charm, PewPew and Misthy still proved to be a “match pair” when combined extremely well.

Right after the show was broadcast, PewPew also shared a bit on his fanpage about comments and mixed opinions from the audience. The male streamer said he was very happy when recently received many invitations to attend game shows like this. And for him, participating in game shows means playing a game show, a place to exchange and meet new friends, not to express yourself to anyone.

Since appearing on the show Love Pieces and being paired with hot girl Tram Anh, and now, once again in the Voice of Ai Voice, PewPew surprised many fans with the appearance of completely with the sloppy, sloppy external image that people often see in him.

Maybe it’s because I’m not completely familiar with PewPew’s so-so-polite, polite image, but there are many not-so-positive comments for male streamers. Specifically, a fan commented directly on PewPew’s fanpage with the comment that “Pew is getting paler and paler now”.


Immediately, PewPew responded to this comment with an extremely harsh attitude: Thank you for coming to my fanpage. Hello now. I also don’t try to make you stay. My page, my stream, my life, I don’t have to act to serve you.”

Before PewPew’s fierce and frank rebuttal as well as other fans pulled into the “brick”, the guy above had to hastily apologize, and also shared that it was because he was too used to it. “with Mr. Pew talking dirty and loud.”


Below another member also commented: “Is it necessary for Mr. Pew to participate in such programs? I see how he is so restrained on it, not as natural as on the stream. Besides, it just feels like they don’t respect the streaming profession very much.”

However, if you watch the clip shared after participating in the program “Voice of Ai” above, it can be seen that PewPew frankly said that he himself did not know that he had been labeled with the title of cursing and swearing. like that since when. It may come from a few statements while playing the game shared by the online community. In real life, PewPew himself is still a very soft-spoken and polite person. “People think that when I’m on TV, I’m deep acting, not showing my talent for chopping and slashing is completely incorrect.” PewPew responds to negative comments about himself.

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