Closed since mid-March, the Nintendo store is still smashed by protesters

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After the tragic death of a black man named George Floyd, the entire US people are outraged and stand up to protest for equal rights for people of color. Many protests have taken place in the center, major locations of cities, but accompanied by the phenomenon of smashing and burning shops.​


On today (June 1), the march of protesters racist marched through New York City. Gate of Nintendo The US is located in Manhattan (New York), just a 9-minute walk from Trump Tower, perhaps because of that, this store was also implicated in the protest.

(Readers can watch more videos at THIS)

Although the specific process of the incident is not clear, at that time there was a big commotion, from the video recorded, some people can be seen throwing rocks and some other objects at the Nintendo store, causing for the big broken shop windows. Stuffed animals Mario – one of the classic Nintendo characters fell out of the store, to the ground without anyone guessing. It is known that due to COVID-19 Nintendo store This place has been closed since the middle of March until now, but unexpectedly still became the target of attack.​


Up to now, Nintendo has not shown any support for the protest activities of the American people, is that the reason why people are angry and smash the store? Currently, a number of companies in the game industry have voiced their support and changed their operating plans as encouragement against racism. The plan to announce PS5 titles continued to be deferred, EA canceled its upcoming plans…​

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