Condor Prequel – GMO “top level martial arts Kim Dung” official Alpha Test, download the game now!

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According to the published schedule from NPH Gamota, this morning at 10:00 on December 25, 2020, titled mobile games role-playing sword hero Condor Prequel opened the Alpha Test door to welcome everyone to play. Interested gamers can easily download the game with just one click at:


Rated as a masterpiece of 3D role-playing mobile game with an extremely familiar martial arts scene and many unique features, Condor Heroes is an explosion of MMORPG series with bold swordplay, inter-server PK extreme quality, a treasure trove of “secrets” of martial arts and diverse weapons, and countless other extreme features are waiting for players to experience.


The game possesses special features that can be mentioned such as: countermeasures of the five elements system, orientation skills, a diverse store of great learning secrets to increase the character’s stats as well as the feature of a hundred-year-old relationship. Simultaneously appear in this game.


In addition, Condor Prequel also attracts a large number of gamers with many inter-server PK activities, 15vs15, 30vs30 peak between guilds. On the other hand, some of the traditional features of the MMORPG game such as blood pumping PK, master map system, rare attribute bleaching, … are also preserved in this game.


With the highlights that make up the unique attraction of Condor Prequel, it is not surprising that most players are excited and anxious to wait for the moment when the servers open up so they can step in to explore. break. It’s been quite a while, followers of the swordplay game just had the opportunity to reunite to look forward to a game that they think is a suitable landing. Not only can experience interesting content, but also have more opportunities to exchange and meet after stressful working and studying hours.

Find out more information about Condor Fairy Tales at:

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