Overwhelmed by how much Cloud9’s Sneaky earns from League

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Cloud9’s Sneaky is currently not only a professional player, but also a famous streamer of the game League of Legends.

Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi, a professional Cloud9 and ADC legend, is one of those long-standing North American players who loves to compete, stream, and cosplay to please their fans. During this time, he won numerous NA LCS titles, IEM Cups, and competed in the World Finals in front of a host crowd.


But how much does Sneaky actually earn?

Really, we don’t know exactly how much Sneaky makes, or like any other player, until they actually make their salary public. The vast majority of players in the NA LCS have an average salary of $320,000 each, so we know Sneaky’s numbers will be over $320,000.

However, Sneaky’s income doesn’t just stop at the NA LCS salary. He also has money from winning prizes, stream revenue, to increase his income.

- Emergenceingame

EsportsEarnings estimates that Sneaky has won $176,215 in the tournaments he has attended since September 7, 2018. That includes prize money from the NA LCS, Worlds, and other tournaments he has attended.

Sneaky also has more than 11,000 subscribers on Twitch, increasing his earnings even more. If all of his subs are a basic $4.99 sub and Sneaky gets a 50/50 split of the profits with Twitch, the least he earns per month is more than $27,000. Sneaky also has a YouTube channel, which helps increase income in every video she makes.

When you combine the above estimates, Sneaky can earn an average annual salary of over $500,000.

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