Winners and losers: FACEIT Major results on the 3rd round of Legend

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Day three of the FACEIT Major – London 2018 has come to an end, deciding the fates of the four teams. Two teams advanced to the New Champion round with perfect records, while the other two teams had to pack their suitcases after losing three games in a row.

Here is a summary of what happened on the third day of the New Legend round:

a27ee8b7be19861a055ec55f891df6e5.png?m=d5cdc8c0f447650aab72eb8cb75495be Vega Squadron 0:1 Fnatic f04711c435a411faa83b75c33eb81e50.png?m=bc95758483090a7d39a2f94142028370 – Inferno 14:16 (10:5, 4:11)

Fnatic had an intense match against the sharks, however, they made it through and won the first series of the day. Vega started the T side, with an impressive performance. The team quickly took a 7:0 lead, constantly exploiting the weakness of Fnatic’s defense. Constantly weak for money, the Swedish boys were in trouble. Slowly, Fnatic removed the gauze a few rounds to end CT’s side with a score of 5:10. Moving on to T, Fnatic took the upper hand, recreating the power Vega showed in the first half. A round win meant Fnatic moved up to the 2:1 bracket, ending Inferno map at 16:14.

5ccafa713965bf70526867b9d0b661ad.png?m=440c2a2c808f22b76d317e1140aa86cd HellRaisers 1:0 TyLoo 9fe881b8f7bebdc4ab8bb8563fe5fde1.png?m=9a310c658ae055d9295b479473287e05 – Overpass 16:10 (7:8, 9:2)

Convincing victory from the European team brought them one step closer to the New Champions title. TyLoo started off rhythmically on the CT side at Overpass. The team took the first pistol round and the next three rounds, including the first round of the HR gun. Taking the lead early, HR started getting a few rounds for themselves. The first half ended with a tight 8:7 score, with TyLoo taking the lead. Going to CT, HellRaisers completely overwhelmed the Chinese opponent. Having the gun round and the next 5 rounds, HR only allows TyLoo to win 2 rounds. Score 10 is what represent China can do. HR quickly ended the series with a score of 16:10.

3d89641c4a3eed7e1cc522ae700f4785.png?m=9e5adc1088e3cb23f7a60565e74892df Cloud9 1:0 Winstrike Team 3cdc05c0199726df89e8b7fa0504e552.png?m=9a4d932d14232f35e2286639493a1157 – Inferno 19:16 (12:3, 3:12, 4:1)

This is a tough match for both. Major Boston champion found blood sugar in extra time. Both the CIS team and Cloud9 played well on the CT side. Cloud9 started on the defensive side, quickly got themselves a score of 13-2, it seemed that everything was going too easily. Winstriek, despite being led by a large margin, began his comeback, repeatedly destroying Cloud9’s economy, to eventually equalize 15-15. Unfortunately, in extra time, the CIS representative played unconvincingly, with serious mistakes, causing the team to pay the price with a loss of 16:19.

b7e3ab5ad385a7aabf35ef2613fc964e.png?m=bd214f1a90baec01b64839f2d3f205ac compLexity Gaming 1:0 BIG 567562e7ea4207ae8c61cb1295ba11d7.png?m=51e08630fec1fc186e7c2e4f5127e2da – Nuke 16:8 (9:6, 7:2)

compLexity secured their first New Champion spot at the FACEIT Major, with a strong performance against German representative BIG. The North American boys started on the robbing side, with a fairly favorable result early in the inning. In the later stages, BIG took the avi2 round for their own, scoring 9:6 in favor of coL. In CT, once again, compLexity performed better, as they completely extinguished BIG’s efforts. BIG only won 2 rounds before losing to compLexity 16:8 to Nuke.

1d40e282bdbcc63323498a8d89f1f24b.png?m=bdc531a63f9e60c9e2ce89c1ef2b3c65 Natus Vincere 1:0 Ninjas in Pajamas e9f8fda2a6c72f7445d5f0ea771dd0d5.png?m=53cfc00c78b10184a7a3f831864bdb13 – Train 16:6 (9:6, 7:0)

Na`Vi avoided a dangerous situation against NiP at Train. With a good record on this map before, the black gold team started on CT, taking the pistol round and the following two rounds. From that point on, the two sides struggled back and forth. Na`Vi took the lead in the first half, largely due to their pistol round win, scoring 9:6. Going to T, Na`Vi completely overwhelms NiP in both stability and Clutch situations. 0 rounds for NiP on CT side meant Natus Vincere pocketed the final Train map with a score of 16:6.

101344a70cb98b5d316d168271018f76.png?m=b02f8822d213cf6f9ecc6a5adc58d404 G2 Esports 0:1 MIBR 05104ff56372d204b5516eef517fcd58.png?m=a9c4898ebff8c8da11943423219f30e2 – Inferno 4:16 (3:12, 1:4)

Made in Brail won convincingly G2, from there to group 2:1. Team America started the CT side at Inferno, with the result completely skewed to one side from the first round. The gun round and the next two rounds were in favor of MiBR, and despite losing the first gun round, the team continued to dominate in the following rounds, leading 12:3. Going to T, MiBR showed their ability from the first half, only allowing G2 to win one more round, before crushing the opponent with a score of 16:4.

8b4a62225da2e6600ec901a677797164.png?m=752052be564b50ec59db6f5cd9b48424 Astralis 0:1 Team Liquid f66886827863a18a734feaae7ccdee03.png?m=8d963f992ca77cfd9029e535063415c1 – Inferno 16:19 (3:12, 12:3, 1:5)

The most anticipated match of the day between the two forces, Liquid and Astralis. Inferno started with the North American rep on the T side. The team quickly destroyed the defense of the world No. 1 team, taking a 12:3 lead. Contrary to expectations from the audience, the match did not end quickly, when Astralis adapted to the opponent’s play, slowly came back in the 2nd half. Weak money, inferiority to the opponent and the ability to read love Great situation from gla1ve helped Astralis equalize 15:15, pushing the game into extra time. However, Astralis’s effort turned into a ‘success’ when Liquid got themselves a perfect CT in overtime, and then got themselves another round of T, ended 19:16 and won 3: 0 in the New Legend round.

41d78d10afe152c254708b6330deaeee.png?m=b131762402ea7ca2ce28336164b71c9b FaZe Clan 1:0 mousesports 9f7eff111271c0885306d4734bf7cfb8.png?m=43a39f2565a3152dc23ec7a34f112e66 – Mirage 16:8 (10:5, 6:3)

The last match was a heroic match between FaZe and mousesports – just losing this match, one of the two strong teams of the tournament had to leave. Mouz started off stabilizing on CT, taking the pistol round and two rounds later. However, the advantage of taking the lead at the beginning of the half could not continue when FaZe quickly rose to remove the gauze. With the battle in their hands, the Karrigan army overwhelmed the opponent. Despite winning the second pistol round, but mouz could not convert that advantage into his own score, losing bitterly 8:16.

3:0 (New Champions)



0:3 (Discarded)

compLexity Gaming Fnatic Vega Squadron Winstrike Team
Team Liquid HellRaisers TyLoo mousesports
X BIG Cloud9 X
X Natus Vincere Ninjas in Pajamas X
X MIBR G2 Esports X
X Astralis FaZe Clan X

Here is the schedule of matches between the teams on the 4th day of the New Legend round today:

Group 2:1

8b4a62225da2e6600ec901a677797164.png?m=752052be564b50ec59db6f5cd9b48424 Astralis with. MIBR 05104ff56372d204b5516eef517fcd58.png?m=a9c4898ebff8c8da11943423219f30e2
567562e7ea4207ae8c61cb1295ba11d7.png?m=51e08630fec1fc186e7c2e4f5127e2da BIG with. HellRaisers 5ccafa713965bf70526867b9d0b661ad.png?m=440c2a2c808f22b76d317e1140aa86cd
f04711c435a411faa83b75c33eb81e50.png?m=bc95758483090a7d39a2f94142028370 Fnatic with. Natus Vincere 1d40e282bdbcc63323498a8d89f1f24b.png?m=bdc531a63f9e60c9e2ce89c1ef2b3c65

Group 1:2

101344a70cb98b5d316d168271018f76.png?m=b02f8822d213cf6f9ecc6a5adc58d404 G2 Esports with. Cloud9 3d89641c4a3eed7e1cc522ae700f4785.png?m=9e5adc1088e3cb23f7a60565e74892df
9fe881b8f7bebdc4ab8bb8563fe5fde1.png?m=9a310c658ae055d9295b479473287e05 TyLoo with. FaZe Clan 41d78d10afe152c254708b6330deaeee.png?m=b131762402ea7ca2ce28336164b71c9b
a27ee8b7be19861a055ec55f891df6e5.png?m=d5cdc8c0f447650aab72eb8cb75495be Vega Squadron with. Ninjas in Pajamas e9f8fda2a6c72f7445d5f0ea771dd0d5.png?m=53cfc00c78b10184a7a3f831864bdb13

According to Vpesports

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