Dota 2: Alliance is DreamLeague Season 12 Champion

Dota 2: Alliance is DreamLeague Season 12 Champion
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DreamLeague Season 12 has entered the final day of competition with three teams: Ninja in Pajamas, Alliance and Demon Slayers.

The day before, we saw the surprise dark horse of the tournament, Demon Slayers. They took out J.Storm before destroying Team Liquid. The North American team entered the event after qualifying from the open and closed qualifiers. These guys are ready to write a new fairy tale in the finals of the bracket that lost to NiP. Although NiP fought hard in the first game of the series, Demon Slayers still refused to surrender, taking the opponent completely by surprise. DS finally beat NiP 2-1 to advance to the final of DreamLeague Season 12.

Waiting in the finals was Alliance, who had not lost a single match of the tournament up to that point. The entire series was tense, with two teams claiming the fastest match of the tournament – ​​DS winning game 2 within 24 minutes. However, despite taking a 2-0 lead, Demon Slayers could not finish the series and Alliance showed their strength. The team equalized 2-2 to enter the final game 5.

Although Demon Slayers had cornered the opponent, the Alliance was still too strong to be defeated. The final game saw a tug-of-war between the two sides, with major teamfights at the end. Unfortunately for the Demon Slayers, their fairy tale had to come in at #2.

For Alliance, this win is the right step as they get ready for their next challenge at ESL One Hamburg 2019 this week before entering Major Chengdu of the 2019-2020 Dota Pro Circuit.

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