Notes if you want to eat chicken rice when playing Knives Out

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Believe that many gamers of Knives Out used to be amazed with players with the ability to predict miracles, because they didn’t even need to look around to “sniff” where the enemy was, perhaps this was because of their keen observation ability. And below Emergenceingame.Com will introduce you to a few tips to own predictive ability like Zhuge Liang, and you can also apply it to a few other games of the same genre.
first. Signs from the cars


If you’ve played Knives Out long enough, you definitely know where there are cars or motorbikes, but suddenly one day you find these cars exist in a place that never existed. At school, be on high alert, because a stranger is hiding and waiting for you to arrive.

2. Building doors are open


In Knives Out, there are a lot of houses around to make it easy for you to loot, at the beginning of the game, of course, these buildings will be closed, so when you see a certain door open. , please raise your guard, because there must be someone else in there looting. So meeting the above situation is not necessarily a disadvantage, because from that feature you can kill some dream chickens. However, not everyone is a fool in this story because a few other enemies are smart enough to know the trick and close the door.

3. Items and equipment thrown on the street.


As you know, weapons and ammunition only appear in the house, but on a beautiful day, you see them appear on the road, as you know it can only be left behind by someone. just died in a battle for survival and the villain is still hanging around, so seeing these signs, don’t be happy to go pick them up, because someone will give you a bullet straight to the head.
4. Sound
Finally, the trick that Emergenceingame.Com wants to share with you is the sound, thanks to this system you can determine the location of the enemy is near or far and avoid facing the enemy or take advantage of this feature to purge an enemy. some name. So in addition to observing with the naked eye, having a sensitive ear also helps a lot, that is to say, survival games require concentration and high thinking if you want to win the top 1.

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