Non-Human Trainee immediately download the latest MOBA from NetEase

H c vi n phi nh ntt1 - Emergenceingame

NetEae was probably very successful with games inspired by Japanese anime, and MOBA game This new one is no exception, with many NetEase games, it must have always been a storm during testing and Non-Human Student will certainly continue the previous successes.


The world of Non-Human Academy is inspired by a fantasy land, participating in it you will be transformed into familiar anime characters, still the classic moba game style like a team to destroy towers, although However, the game is no longer just boring jungle maps, but instead is designed in the style of a neighborhood, with the appearance of shops, houses, grocery stores… The player seems to be walking around rather than going to attack the tower.


Each character has different skill packs, so players may need some time to learn and get used to each skill, when you know how to combine them together, you will definitely have top-notch battles. that you always expect in a traditional moba game.


It can be said that this is a MOBA game that inherits the advantages of previous MOBA games of this developer. Not only graphics, fancy context, rich character system and novel design style, or a gift exclusively for anime fans.
The game is now officially available on the Android platform, interested readers can download games at the link below.​​

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