No money to play games, male student pretends to be kidnapped to blackmail his parents

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Comedy incidents about addiction PUBG is no longer a stranger in India, even the game was once banned in some cities but has now been removed. Many teenagers in this country are crazy PUBG Mobile to the point where they are willing to do anything regardless of the consequences. Most recently, a male student living in Hyderabad continued to do a “heavenly” story – pretending to be kidnapped, then calling his parents to blackmail him for money to play games.


It is known that the 16-year-old male student is in 11th grade and intends to take the entrance exam to Delhi Institute of Technology next year. Seeing that their son was glued to playing PUBG all day, his parents confiscated his phone so he could focus more on his studies. On October 11, he asked his parents’ permission to go to a friend’s house but never returned. Finding him forever, his parents decided to report missing to the police and said that when he left, he stole 2,000 Rupees (more than 600,000 VND).

In fact, he didn’t go to his friend’s house, but took a bus to Mumbai. Then, this male student dared to “grab” a passerby’s phone and use it to call his mother. He faked his voice saying he was kidnapped and demanded a ransom of 300,000 rupees (nearly 100 million dong).


On October 12, he returned to Hyderabad and booked a bus ticket to his grandparents’ house to hide. But the irony is that instead of buying tickets directly, he ordered an e-ticket and a successful booking message was sent directly to the mother’s phone. Thanks to that information, the police immediately found him hanging around at the central bus station. He looked extremely tired at that time as if he had just had a drug attack. The police then handed him over to his parents and advised him to take him to psychiatric treatment. It is known that before starting to play and dive into PUBG Mobile 4 months ago, he was once a “good boy” with a very high average score.

The game is not really bad, but if it is overused, it can have extremely serious consequences. So gamers, please play the game in a reasonable way, don’t let it negatively affect real life and the people around.​

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