Thien Nhai Minh Nguyet Dao officially announced in China joy 2018 event

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By appointment again to the regional game exhibition China joy has returned. This is an annual event held in China, now the event is no longer exclusive to the Chinese market but has been expanded to many countries in the region.


At this event, Chinese game developers will introduce players to their outstanding games and organize special sports events such as League of Legends, Fifa Online, CrossFire (CF Mobile), Royal Glory (Arena of Valor)…


At this event, the name that cannot be ignored is Tencent, the giant of the Chinese game market, known in this exhibition, Tencent owns 3 exhibition areas with about 20 different game titles, and perhaps the The name that many players are most looking forward to can’t help but mention Thien Nha Minh Nguyet Knife. This is the first official public announcement of this developer, along with a trailer that introduces players to the excellent graphics background, along with the characters that the boss fighting system is attractive. guide.

If you do not know, Thien Nhai Minh Nguyet Dao is a 3D martial arts role-playing game, adapted from the novel of the same name by author Co Long, the game has been very successful with the pc game version because of its graphics and characters. Beautiful, with classic sects, a diverse career system, the game is loved by a large number of players around the world and Tencent has never disappointed people with its game products.

All the latest news about the game will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com in the near future.​

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