Fortnite released a super update – Add dozens of new regions

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Fortnite is a chasing game PUBG extremely fierce with the number of online gamers reaching 2 million. This is a good sign for your pet Epic Games, get ready for this super product to offer a lot more terrorist content. And now, as expected, Fortnite has officially released the biggest Update ever, bringing a whole new community of map players.


Basically, this Update 2.2.0 does not offer a new Map field, but “makeovers” the old Map by adding countless new areas as well as expanding the available area of ​​the game. This allows Fortnite to bring a new look to places that gamers have never visited.


Specifically, the game will add the city area, mines and many other landmarks to the western part of the map. Along with that, all available areas of the game will also be transformed with a variety of terrains, promising to completely change what you have ever known about Fortnite.


In addition, the game will also change a few aspects of gameplay such as completely removing the Scoped Assault Rifle from the Airdrop. Not only that Fortnite will also be optimized more strongly, making the game run smoother than before. This will help gamers with weak configurations run Fortnite more smoothly, which will surely become an attractive element of the game compared to PUBG.

If you have not had the opportunity to play Fortnite, you can see the registration and free game directions at:

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