Far Cry 5 – Summary of some errors and how to fix them

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Far Cry 5 is a super cool game, that’s for sure without a doubt. However, there are still many bugs in the game that make players feel uncomfortable, even crazy. Let’s work with Emergenceingame.Com to summarize those errors, and find some solutions to solve them.

1. Low quality graphics


Far Cry 5 should be celebrated as one of the games with extremely high graphics quality and breathtaking frames, but no, at least for some gamers. These unlucky players had to play the game in extremely low graphics quality (despite switching to Ultra mode) which, according to the description, was “just like the games of 2010”. The reason, probably because Ubisoft want to reduce the graphics quality to increase FPS for older machines. However, this effort ran into problems, causing many gamers who own “good machines” to experience this scene as well.

2. Crash
Far Cry 5 encountered a lot of complaints about crashes (when playing, the game suddenly stopped). Worst case, the game crashes right after the end of the idle screen. In a more fortunate case, the game only crashes when the player tries to open the Arcade Editor (create a custom map to play multiplayer mode).

3. Reduce FPS

Errors are common with games with high graphics quality, and Far Cry 5 is also among them. To fix it, players can try a few ways:
– Make sure all drivers of the device are updated to the latest version.
– Turn off all background software.
– Reduce in-game resolution.
– Reduced in-game graphics quality.
– Turn off V-sync.
– Scan and defrag all hard drives, especially the ones containing Far Cry 5.
– Monitor case temperature. If it is more than 70 degrees, give it a little rest, and it is best to find other “cooling” measures such as adding a fan…

4. Mission failed
Many players complain that they can’t complete the quest when their quest progress is interrupted after the character dies. Some gamers have been able to fix it by returning to the exact location where this error occurred.

5. Sound error
A not-so-big error, but it will certainly make players feel frustrated, when playing the game without sound. To fix it, restart your device several times, sometimes multiple times.

6. Quest “The Atonement”


One of Far Cry 5’s most “weird” bugs is near the end of the game. As the main character, you will have to chase John Seed to his farm in a jeep. The point is, you are not the driver, that task belongs to Mary May (the bar owner), and you can just sit in the back of the car and control the automatic gun on it. The mission will be fine if you get through it on the first turn, but if you die, then when you start over you will realize that the car is not moving at all. Cause, Mary May is gone. Or more accurately, she would be respamed a mile away from the car, and was running back at the speed of a turtle… When Mary May got there, it was time to count. The reverse ends, and the mission fails. Starting over? It will continue to be like that. Restart the last save file? You will have to watch the whole (unskippable) cutscene again, and then fall into the same situation if you can’t complete the mission the first time…


Countless Far Cry 5 players have encountered this error, and almost no one has found a solution that works. Many people have to re-watch the above cutsence to the point of “going crazy”, and have to put the game in Easy mode to pass the mission with a single life. And if that’s still too difficult, try shooting Mary May every time she stops (especially the very long pause before getting in the car). These shots will “push” Mary May to make her faster, and the mission can be continued. Of course, this waiting process is still quite lengthy, but at least you don’t have to watch the “heavenly” cutsence as mentioned above.​

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