New World Leveling Guide For Beginner: Levels 1-9


Welcome to our New World Beginner leveling guide! As you might know, there are many different ways to level up in New World. With such a myriad of options open to you, we are here to help you decide which the best method is. When playing New World, you can level up by doing quests, town board missions, faction missions, corrupted portals, and expeditions. All of these will help you max out.

The key is to know how and when to use them. In this guide we will walk through what you need to do in each significant level chunk to achieve maximum speed when leveling up. If you have problems doing this, you can speed up your progress at Chicks Gold.

Levels 1-5

Firstly, when you first start the game you will be automatically placed in a tutorial. You can skip the tutorial if you wish. You can do this right after you pick up the box from captain Thorpe. You can then press escape and select ‘skip to new world.” However, if you do stay in the tutorial, you get a free level with your sword. You can do this by making your way to the shielded enemy at the path right before the mountain. When you kill him, you will be rewarded with a sword skill point. You can then either proceed with the tutorial or skip to new world.

After the tutorial you will land on the beach of Aeternum. These are the four possible starting locations: Firstlight, Everfall, Monarch’s bluff and Windsward. You cannot choose your starting point, this is predetermined for you by the game when you create your character. However, this is not an issue as every starting point is essentially the same until you move into the respective settlement. Once you spawn on the beach, you will want to immediately run to the main story quest giver at the watchtower. He is marked on your map, so you can press M to see where he is.

It is now important that you stick to the main story quests on the beach if you are trying to level up as fast as possible. Do not stop along the way to pick up excess items or kill stray mobs, as this is generally a waste of time at this point.

Levels 5-9

At this point, you want to pick up some flint and wood to craft tools at a campfire. Before you head into the settlement, you should use these tools to collect 40 stone, 40 greenwood and 16 rawhide. All these materials will be utilized for a quest in town, so it’s way more effective to already collect them on your way there. There is also a side quest along the path to town. If you are able to accept this sidequest and quickly complete it, collecting the additional materials, without wasting too much time, then it is generally a good idea to accept it. If there are too many people crowding around it, then simply keep going to town to complete the main story quests.

Once you make it into town a green marker will appear on your map, this is a quest turn-in marker from your last quest on the beach. Head there to turn in your quest, which will in turn open up the other quests in town. These quests are essentially tutorial quests. They are very simple and require little explanation. Their purpose is to get you used to the game mechanics and operations.

These quests will guide you through everything you need to know. Completing these quests are very important as they will allow you to access your camp where you can choose your faction. This is where you will join a company and flap for PvP. Flagging for PvP is optional, but you do get additional experience for it. Although, killing players will not gain you experience. In general, PvP is a great option as it is a good way of leveling up your weapons, and it is just fun in general.

Until next time

Thank you for reading our New World beginner leveling up guide! We hope this was helpful for your early game. It is important to play around with the controls and to get used to them for yourself too. Jump into the game and see what specific preferences you might have, like side quests..etc. Enjoy gaming!

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