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Plants vs. Plants Zombies is definitely a strategy game that is no stranger to players around the world. Following that success, the game Plants vs. angry fruit. Zombies 2 was born with the same gameplay as the first version and also received a warm welcome from the gaming community.

Plants vs Zombies 2

One of the reasons that Plants vs. Plants Zombies 2 won the hearts of gamers quickly because it has more unique levels with a series of new plants and zombies. Clear plants Plants vs. Plants Zombies 2 (PVZ 2) Extremely funny but equally powerful with special abilities that can destroy each different type of zombie. In the game PVZ 2Your mission is still to plant plants to protect yourself against the onslaught of hungry zombies. And to clear the island Plants vs. Plants Zombies 2, players must grasp the effects of each plant and the characteristics of the zombies. Hence, in this article, will introduce to you the gameplay in the game and the typical plants of each level to be able to arrange the most reasonable strategy.

Ancient Egypt:

Plants vs Zombies 2

  • Bonk Choy (Price 150 Sun): Has a very fast punch, attacks zombies near it until death, “special treatment” Chicken Zombie. If you use Plant Food, it will punches around you continuously with an area of ​​3×3 squares, causing weak zombies to die and strong zombies will be severely damaged.
  • Bloomerang (Price 175 Sun): Ammo of this tree has the ability to return, attack from 3 Zombies or 3 tombs or less. When combined with Plant Food, it will fire 40 bullets in 4 directions.
  • Iceberg Lettuce (Price 0 Sun): The guava ice has the ability to freeze 1 zombie when touching it. When combined with Plant Food it will freeze all Zombies on the field. Used much to destroy zombies with bulletproof shields. When they were frozen and hit by bullets, they still lost health and were destroyed as usual …

Plants vs Zombies 2

Pirate Seas screen (Pirate Seas):

  • Spring Bean (Sun 50): Turn Zombie back 1 tile, then will snooze for a few seconds. When using Plant Food it will turn all Zombies on the field back to 1 square, but not sleep. When pirate zombies swing to attack you, place these plants on their way to attack to knock them back into the sea.
  • Snapdragon (Sun 150 price): The dragon-headed tree can spit fire on zombies in a 3×2 range in front of it. When using Plant Food, the area of ​​damage increases by 3×3. In addition, it can also take off and launch fatal blows when needed
  • Coconut Cannon (400 Sun): Cannons shoot coconuts in the Zombie. Each cannon shot of coconuts can repel all zombies in that row and force death at the bottom of the screen. However, it takes 10 seconds for it to regain 1 bullet.
  • Power Lily (Sun 175): Buy with real money, when you put this tree down it will give 1 Plant Food.

Blackout Wild West (Wild West):

Plants vs Zombies 2

  • Lightning Reed (Sun 125): Electric grass will shoot lightning at the Zombie, weak damage. Specialized to destroy Zombie Chicken. When using Plant Food it will create an electrically charged cloud, shocking some random Zombies on the field.
  • Chili Bean (Sun 50): The zombie coming near it will deflate and shoot the zombie away and if it cannot withstand the blow, the zombie will roll to death. When using Plant Food, it will split into 3 beans.
  • Pea Pod (Sun 125): Type 5 head corresponding to 5 powerful gun barrel. When needed, these 5 barrels will rotate and release continuously to challenge all the opposite zombies. After using Plant Food, it will shoot 5 giant bean bullets.

Curtain the future world (Far Future):

Plants vs Zombies 2

  • Laser Bean (200 sun): Lazer beans are a weapon from the future that can shoot powerful lasers through Zombies. When using Plant Food it will wipe out all Zombies in a row.
  • Citron (Sun 350): Strong damage but need to wait a few seconds for it to fire 1 time. Increases in size when energy is absorbed. When combined with Plant Food, it will shoot a Plasma Light Ball, knock off all Zombies on the field except for Zombie Robots and Gargantuars but will die immediately.
  • EMPeach (Sun 25): The EM peach is only used once, causing the Zombie Robots to stop for a few seconds.
  • Infi-nut (Sun 75): Is an ice potato that has an extremely effective defense effect, reducing the speed of the zombie when eating it. In the case of being eaten by a zombie it can still recover after a few seconds. When using Plant Food, it will create a protective layer covering all 5 rows.
  • Magnifying Grass (50 Sun): Large damage bullets but need to charge Sun to shoot. When using Plant Food it will absorb sunlight and burn some zombies on the field.
  • Tile Turnip: Create Power Tile, help plants have the ability to connect Plant Food for each other. Every time it uses Sun it will increase from 0 to 250 sun.

Blackout Dark Ages:

Plants vs Zombies 2

  • Sun Bean (Sun 50): When a Zombie is eaten, it will give Sun every time it is shot by a Plant. When using Plant Food, when a Zombie eats this Sun Bean, it will explode and generate the amount of Sun depending on the Zombie’s health.
  • Pea-nut (Sun 150): Buy with real money, a combination of Peashooter and Wall-nut. It has Wall-nut health and shoots Pea bean bullets. When using Plant Food, it will shoot 60 Pea bullets and additional armor.

Big Wave Beach:

Plants vs Zombies 2

  • Bowling Bulb (Sun 200): Roll to the zombie or grave in front to deal damage to them. When using Plant Food will create 3 bowling bombs at a time.
  • Ghost Pepper (Sun 75): Capable of blowing small ghosts that deal front and back zombie damage but will disappear after a while, when disappearing it will explode in a 3×3 range.
  • Homing Thistle (250 sun): Can shoot spikes away in many directions, can not be planted under water. When using Plant Food will shoot in all directions in the form of green darts.
  • Banana Launcher (Sun 500): Shoot banana bullets at the selected place. When using Plant Food will shoot 4 balls at powerful zombies.
  • Guacodile (125 sun): Shoot butter seeds in the distance, when the zombies come close, they will jump down and crush zombies and disappear.
  • Sweet Potato (300 Sun): Absorbs zombies near it, and also Fisherman zombie’s fishing rod, often combined with Homing Thistle. Using Plant Food will attract zombies with a larger area.

Frostbite Caves:

Plants vs Zombies 2

  • Sap-fling (Sun 150): Can extend time by throwing a lump of wax to slow Zombie but not damage. When using Plant Food will throw a lot of wax everywhere.
  • Hurikale (Sun 75): Create winds that cold and slow zombies down and push them until they disappear.
  • Fire Peashooter (175 Sun): Shoot fire beans. When using Plant Food will blow up the entire front row
  • Hot Potato (0 Sun): Thawed trees that froze and then disappeared.
  • Pepper-pult (Sun 200): Throwing the hot pepper to the Zombie, which can warm the plants around. When using Plant Food will throw chili to all Zombies on the screen.
  • Chard Guard (Sun 75): Push the zombie up close to fly back 3 times, then it will become a defense tree. Price
  • Stunion (Sun 25): Stop zombies for a while and then disappear.
  • Rotobaga (Sun 150): Shoots medium-destructive bullets at zombies on four diagonal sides.

Video introduction of plants in Plants Vs. Zombies and their features

Above are the current levels of the game Plants Vs. Zombies 2 and the plants that should be used in those displays. There are also many new plants and zombies that appear in Plants Vs. Zombies 2, better you should explore by yourself in your journey so as not to lose the game’s appeal. Hope this synthesis will help you in conquering this famous strategy game.

Updated: May 20, 2017

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