How to defeat Boss Ender Dragon in Minecraft

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Ender Dragon (Fire Dragon) is the last boss in the game Minecraft and also the highest target that everyone Minecraft want to move forward if you want to destroy this game. Of course everyone knows Minecraft is a game that is not limited in both space and time, so you want to destroy Ender Dragon and clearing Minecraft island or not is the hobby and will of each player, not required. But if you want to try your best with this strongest boss in Minecraft, the following article may be useful for you.

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As one 10 best games of all time, it can be said that there has never been any special game that attracts players like Minecraft. There are no dramatic action scenes, no attractive details, not to mention the crude image, not beautiful, the Minecraft installation It is also quite complicated, but this is a game that is classified as one of the most popular and classic games in the world today.

Endercrystal can help Ender Dragon heal quite quickly

If ever, are MinecraftYou all know in this game that there are quite a few mobs and the biggest mobs, the strongest boss in Minecraft, the dragon Ender (Ender Dragon) or the new name is now Fire Dragon. How to destroy Ender Dragon is the target of many Miners.


Ender Dragon is the old name, in the current version this mob boss has been renamed and the level has also been increased quite a lot in both health, damage and some other skills, so it will be much harder. In this article we will use both names so that you are not mistaken.

You can learn more about this boss in the series:

Features of Fire Dragon (Ender Dragon):

  • Has tremendous HP (6000 health).
  • The ability to attack strongly and deal damage by rushing directly at the character or exhaling a purple poisonous cloud that causes you to lose blood if passing through, in it.
  • Capable of flying through most of the blocks in the game, except Obsidian and End Stone.
  • Heals from Endercrystal his (Ender crystal). These Endercrystals sit on a column called Obsidian.
  • Mostly depends on the Ender Crystal (this is also the weakness that we will use to defeat this boss).
  • When defeated, Ender Dragon will leave a small dragon egg.

Are you ready for your battle? If ok then let’s start fighting!

Never make eye contact with an Enderman

1. Preparation steps:

Before starting a battle, be sure to have the following:

  • Diamond armor and diamond sword (or sword with high damage).
  • Diamond Ax.
  • Bow and arrow (lots of names).
  • Potions of Healing and Regeneration.
  • Food (Golden Apples or Enchanted Golden Apples).
  • Obsidian and End Stone (the more the better).
  • You can use Ender Chest.
  • Bucket of water (in case Enderman or fall from above).

Reference articles:

2. Go find dragon Ender:

The fire dragon Ender lived in an area called the Stronghold (The End biome). If not, you can not move to this area (because it will take a lot of time) and still want to meet the Ender dragon, you must use it. gate End Portal, it will take you to a place in the middle of Overworld and the End.

The End Portal can be found using Eye of Ender, or use a variety of other ingredients to create one. However, it is advisable to use the search method rather.

End Portal
The Eye of Ender can help you find and use the End Portal to get to the Ender Dragon

How to find the End Portal gate:

  • Use combination between powder Blaze from Blaze mobs and Ender pearls from Endermen to create the Eye of Ender (requires at least 15 Eye of Ender tablets).
  • After having Eye of Ender, you guys throw them into the air and go in the direction they point. These Eye of Ender will break after about 3-5 times of being used, so throw them in the smartest way to be effective.
  • When you find the End Portal, place 12 Eye of Ender tablets in the 12 corresponding holes on the surface to activate the portal.

3. Destroy the Endercrystal:

As mentioned, these crystals are the source of healing for Ender dragons, so if you want to destroy Fire Dragon more easily, you need to destroy all of these crystals, one by one.

How to destroy Endercrystal:

  • Use a bucket of water to fill it will go away on its own.
  • Use your bow and arrow until it explodes.
  • Use the diamond ax to break the Obsidian towers.

How Ender Dragon heals when attacked


  • Don’t look at the Enderman.
  • Destroy these Endercrystal columns only after the Ender Dragon has passed over.
  • After the destruction is done, you need to quickly escape and find a hiding place or move to the other Endercrystal.
  • Water can be used in an emergency situation.


  • If the injury is severe, use food or restorative medicine to heal yourself.
  • Since the Ender dragon cannot attack Obsidian and End Stones, you can hide here or build a shelter. In addition, you can also dig grooves to move to the target, which will be much safer than moving on the ground.
  • With the amount of HP that Fire Dragon possesses, you cannot destroy one hit immediately, so you need to have a reasonable strategy and maintain maximum safety for yourself.

Head attack is the fastest and best way to destroy dragon Ender

4. Destroy dragon Ender:

Attacking and killing this boss mob can last up to a few days if you don’t destroy the healing columns quickly. At the same time, if we accidentally get attacked, we will not be able to complete the mission the first time. There are two ways to destroy dragons:

  • Use a diamond sword.
  • Use bow and arrow.

However, after all the players have tried it, one thing they recommend us is use bow and arrow always bring the most effective, safest and most secure.

The best way to kill dragon Ender that is, use the arrow and shoot it in the head. But the problem here, shot straight in the head, means to face, directly to it. So what to do? The trick here is:

For example, this tycoon chases you from behind, after running, you suddenly stop and shoot it in the head. After firing the arrow, immediately jump left or right (absolutely do not continue running straight or backward). An arrow shot in the head will do more damage than shoot at the body of the Ender Dragon and help you destroy this final boss faster.

Successfully annihilated

Each arrow hits the head, the player will Damages about 2 hearts (4 health) for the boss dragon, but remember it has up to 6000 health (3000 hearts, because each heart = 2 health). Not to mention the heal, movement time, waiting for opportunities and the distance between each next attack of this boss is about 10-30 seconds, you can quickly calculate the time as well as the number of arrows. How much is fired (not to mention missed, shot to destroy the Endercrystal …).

Another thing that I personally want to recommend is:

  • You should only look into The End Biome to find and destroy Fire Dragon when you have all the best preparation in hand.
  • Should practice using the bow skillfully before deciding to clear the island.
  • Plan, make a reasonable strategy because the war will last.

5. Win the Ender Dragon

Notice when you win

After you win, the screen will show a picture of fireworks around the dragon Ender and a dragon egg will appear as a trophy. However, avoid letting the egg fall into the End Portal as it will break.

That’s all you need to know, need and need to do to destroy Ender Dragon – a must to reach End City and really destroy Minecraft game with Minecraft account mine. Of course, you can use the cheat command, but that loses the charm and real challenge we’re looking for.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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