No fiery PK, what does the gaming community do in Tan Tieu Ngao VNG?

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Quality game plus super hot gift giving events, New Tieu VNG continue to assert the level of a blockbuster sword hero the second half of 2020 even though it’s just been Open Beta a short time. Continuously 4 new servers have been opened up to the present time to welcome the stormy landing of martial arts heroes. VNG has clearly prepared extremely carefully, ensuring to bring the best experience to gamers.


Every magnanimous hero comes out of ‘s novel Kim Dung each has its own personality. Mention Swordsman, we immediately think of a liberal, free-spirited Linghu Chong, who doesn’t mind losing the gypsy place. Keeping the spirit of the original series, Tan Tieu Ngao VNG really lets gamers enjoy a world of swordplay “Endless Freedom – Unbeatable Martial Arts”. Not only focusing on dramatic PK battles, the game also offers a multitude of activities, unique entertainment features so that gamers can unleash adventure, play the erhu, weave their own swordplay stories. me.

Take a selfie

Exploring the map, taking selfies are familiar activities but still extremely loved by gamers when coming to Tan Tieu Ngao VNG. Temporarily putting off leveling, many brothers find joy by traveling in the mountains, taking pictures of virtual life in the game. Impressive watercolor graphics, the game successfully recreates a swordplay world with fierce fighting of sects but equally charming feng shui. With Tan Tieu Ngao VNG, it is really difficult to choose a favorite virtual living spot because every corner is beautiful and shimmering in every detail. Not that many gamers, just entering the adventure journey, could not help but stop to take hundreds or thousands of selfies. Understanding the preferences of gamers, the game also provides dozens of filters for players to enjoy virtual life.

A trip of gamer LanZhan

Awesome selfie photo of gamer Bach Than

Visit the cherry blossom tree for a walk, friends!

Care “royal”

Being a “lotus” is never simple when you have to take care of the “boss” from food to sleep. Miao Cao Cao – a cat who is “royal”, lovely is lovely, but “dog dog” is second to none. Eating and sleeping is one thing, players also have to pay attention to the boss’s mood in time to cuddle, if it’s a bit tired to let Miao get angry! Of course, if you “serve” him at the right time and thoughtfully, rest assured, the “lotus” will be rewarded extremely handsomely by the Master Miao. After moments of brainstorming, spending a little time to enjoy the life of the farm with Miao Cao Chu is an entertainment activity that many gamers love.


Composing popular music

Not only that, gamers Tan Tieu Ngao VNG are also extremely multi-talented when trying out unique music tracks. From playing the guitar to playing the pepper, the game gives players the freedom to create complete songs or even their own tunes. From “I don’t convert her”, “Blue sea with a smile”, “Vong Xian”, … countless familiar songs have been sung by talented gamers in the game. It can be said that this is one of the most impressive features of many gamers in Tan Tieu Ngao VNG.

Do any of you guys enter the game but only worry about playing the lute and playing the flute?

Enjoy background music

When it comes to music, there’s no denying the fact that Tan Tieu Ngao VNG is one of the few games with really excellent background music. The song is melodious, the song is cheerful and bright, the song is arrogant and proud like the character of the heroes of martial arts. Therefore, it is easy to understand why many brothers do not care about Gypsy but enter the game just to find the pleasure of enjoying music like this.


Converging all the elements of a super product, Tan Tieu Ngao VNG is definitely a name not to be missed for fans of Kim Dung swordplay. For more information about the game as well as extremely hot gift-giving events on the occasion of Open Beta, please visit the following address:​

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