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The ads usually appear as soon as you visit Youtube, will never go off if you don’t turn them off yourself. The following article will show you how to turn off annoying ads that appear on Youtube on Firefox browser.

Advertising is an integral part of today’s society, advertising is everywhere around you and even on the Internet. There is no denying that the power as well as the benefits that advertising brings is great. But sometimes overusing ads causes frustration and then you just want to block ads. When you are enjoying a movie, a music clip that appears on the ads that cover the image, the text in the video will make you very angry and this is the solution.

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Previously, in an article, once showed you how to block Youtube ads on Chrome, in this article, we will show you how to do the same on Mozilla Firefox browser.

How to turn off ads on Youtube with Firefox

Step 1: Download and install the add-on Adblock Plus or Youtube Center script. You can download Adblock Plus for Firefox
Step 2: A Pop-up window appears, click Install to install this Add-on. Wait about 5 s –> Install Now

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Step 3: Activate one of 3 or all 3 available functions:

Malware Blocking: Block malicious software that can infect during Web removal.
Remove Social Media Buttons : Prevent others from tracking your Web browsing like removing the Remove function in Facebook.
Disable Tracking: Disable ads on Websites.

If you want to disable ads on Youtube choose the function Disable Trackingby clicking the mouse switch from mode Off –> On.


Done, try watching a video on Youtube to see if the ads have been removed. This way you can freely play Videos, enjoy movies, … on Youtube without being bothered by ads. And of course, not only Firefox browser, if you are using Chrome to surf the web or regularly use Google Chrome as your default tool, you also need to know about how to block ads on Chrome when surfing the web. see more ways block ads on Chrome and follow it.

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