“My dear friend” and the sweet love story of the couple VLTK Mobile

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Recently, a sweet love story of a gamer couple was shared in Martial Arts Community Mobile can not help but receive the attention of many people because of its cuteness and admiration.

The groom Pham Manh Hung and the bride Nguyen Minh Tu have officially returned to the same house after a while of knowing and getting to know each other thanks to the game. The special thing is that the guy was previously a friend of Minh Tu’s sister, and then they got to know each other. Although he liked her from the first impressions, but Minh Tu had a lover at that time, so Manh Hung did not dare to go any further, just made friends, then gradually became close friends.


The guy shared: “We play games to make friends, we just know each other. In general, seeing a girl’s voice is just making friends, but who knows who. I knew this little girl’s sister first. Then I met this little girl. The first impression that is hard to fade is that this girl is drunk and messed up. We started dating, but I knew she had a lover, so we were just friends, and then we became close friends.”


Perhaps the relationship between the two would not have been more special if Minh Tu did not have an emotional problem with his lover that led to the breakup. Manh Hung at this time also took the opportunity to come forward to show his affection, care and care for her. It was with those sincere and thoughtful feelings that Minh Tu finally decided to give Manh Hung a chance so that the couple could come to a happy ending like the present.

“After that, this girl and her boyfriend had a problem, she broke up with her, she confided in me, sad all kinds of things. I felt guilty, so I asked him to go to the movies, go out, but share the same hobby of eating and drinking, so I kept doing it. After a while, I confessed to this girl, so she agreed. Then just like usual, I don’t know what the devil did, but then I picked up this little girl. It was also thanks to the game VLTK Mobile that the two met each other and came together.” The guy shared and revealed that he not only got a wife but also had a baby.


Sharing their special love story, Manh Hung and Minh Tu could not help but make many other gamers secretly jealous. When they first met each other, perhaps the couple did not think that they could one day become husband and wife. But it was fate that brought the young couple together. And VLTK Mobile is proud to be the bridge that connects that charm.

Finally, on behalf of Emergenceingame.Com as well as the VLTK Mobile player community in general, I would like to wish Manh Hung and Minh Tu always happy with their love and choice and together welcome new members in the near future. Please!

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