Monkey 10 – The most charming streamer on Facebook, hiding behind a 10-year-old boy

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Don’t judge others by their looks, they seem to be thinking Nguyen Trung Hieu or also known by the fans by the name Monkey 10, always present in mind when appearing on Livestream. With just a few glances, many people will mistake Monkey 10 as a boy still sitting on a school chair, leading to many unfriendly initial opinions… But no, hiding under the picture. That little comedy is a streamer 27 years old full of maturity with the most charm of Facebook Gaming.

Lucky to have the opportunity to talk to the guy on a sunny afternoon in Hanoi, but it must still be a wonderful weather in Vung Tau – where Monkey 10 lives, the Emergenceingame.Com reporter had a few words to confide in. This guy looks like he came out of this Conan book.


Follow your Livestream, notice that a lot of viewers misunderstand you at a young age due to your appearance, some even say bad words. So if you don’t mind, can you explain to Emergenceingame.Com readers the reason behind these misunderstandings?

Surely this is also the reason for the number 10 in the Nickname that you use. But what about the whole meaning of the name Monkey 10, can you reveal more to Emergenceingame.Com?


It is known that you once participated in a quite famous talent search contest, and also marked the first milestone for you to enter the path of creating digital content as well as Streamer later. So can you share the motivation behind your decision to become a Streamer?

Streamer is a hot profession among young people, especially in the context that the demand for remote and safe entertainment is increasing in the time when COVID-19 is still raging in the world. So as someone who has more or less experience in this field, do you have any advice for young people who want to become Streamer/Content Creator?

It is known that the sale of Page while still being a Partner of Facebook Gaming is appearing in some gullible young people, listening to the exploitation of nefarious organizations and individuals. So do you have any share or warning about this issue?


After all, the dream of a Streamer is still to have many fans and viewers. But you must also have your own wishes and aspirations for this job. So can you share that with Emergenceingame.Com readers?

Thank you Monkey 10 for these joyful but thoughtful words. Hope you can continue to develop and stick with the Streamer path forever. Wish you success and good luck in the future.

Readers who are interested can follow Monkey 10’s Fanpage here:

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