Instructions for creating maps in Mini World: Block Art

Mini World: Block Art allows players to create their own game maps. Let’s learn how to create a map in Mini World: Block Art Please!

Instructions for creating a map in the game Mini World Block Art

How to create a map in Mini World: Block Art

Elements that make up the game map

A complete map in Mini World game mainly consists of scenes, gameplay, combined with effects, special sounds and content system to enrich the gameplay on the map.

In Mini World: Block Art, you are free to create games as in your imagination.

  • Background: Usually made up of different blocks, miniatures, built-in plugins & customisers. Creators have the flexibility to build scenes in the map and can also restore any scene in the game or simulate a real-life landscape.
  • Gameplay: Mini World has a relatively high level of free play. Players can perfect the gameplay logic according to the desired rules of the game with map creation tools, triggers and scripts.
  • Special effects, sound, text system: The editing tools provide a rich library of effects and sound styles. They are very handy for programmers to quickly enrich the game map and make it more brilliant. Additionally, you can also use content engagement to increase activity on the map.

Instructions for creating maps in Mini World: Block Art

The first step is to learn how to create, save and publish Mini World game maps.

Create a Mini World map: Block Art

1. Click Start.

Click Start in Mini World

2. Then press New World.

Create a new world in Mini World Block Art

Choose Dev Mode to create a map. Selected articles Flat Glassland doing terrain because I wanted a simple flat map to easily customize everything inside.

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Development mode in Mini World

Click the button Start in the right corner of the screen, then you can see the first map.

Save map

The newly created map will automatically be saved on the device you are currently using, not on the server. If you need to save the map data to the server later, but don’t want other players to download it, you can simply upload the map in private mode. Specifically, the steps are as follows:

Create a Mini World game map
Select map mode in Mini World Block Art

Export map

After uploading and publicizing the Mini World Block Art map, other players can download it and play solo or online with you.

Export map in Mini World Block Art

Mini World Block Art map avatar editing

The game map avatar is also extremely important. If it’s beautiful, more people will definitely download your map. Setting up a map’s avatar is also very simple, as long as you can crop the image in the current viewer. Doing:

Select the screenshot location > Open settings in the upper right corner > click the camera icon to take a photo.

Edit the map avatars you create in Mini World

Here is a step by step guide create maps in Mini World: Block Art. Hope the article is useful to you.

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