Minecraft and the same games cannot help but play

If you are bored of Minecraft, try switching to one of the following games to change your feeling and experience. These are the games with the graphics background, the gameplay is very similar to Mine but also has its own markings and characteristics so that the player is not bored.

One of the important things to create the success, the attraction of any game, is the graphic design. However, if we take Minecraft as an example, we will see the opposite. This game is completely unimpressive in terms of visuals, but with 100 million copies sold worldwide, we can see the appeal of the square blocks.

With a few minor tweaks and changes, Mine World can be completely replaced with a new content, storyline, and visuals, as evidenced by the 10 names below – titles game like Minecraft also achieved certain successes.

The best Minecraft-like games

1. Mini World: Block Art

Considered as the free version of Minecraft, but possessing beautiful and smoother graphics, Mini World Block Art deserves first place in this ranking. In Mini World PC, you can build a house, an apartment, a castle, even a city. You can also explore the underworld and embark on the Black Dragon challenge with your best friends.

2. Don’t starve

How? How? That is all you need to answer when participating in this game. Don’t Starve – a genuine survival game genre that will force you to collect materials, craft tools, tools and build yourself a shelter.

With completely hand-drawn characters and images, Don’t Starve is not a bad game for serious entertainment. In addition, you also do not need to worry too much if you feel the game is a bit deserted, because Beast – the monster in the game always looking to destroy you will appear at any time. Therefore, try to build shelter and find plenty of food to store before night falls.

3. Block Fortress

Also the game has a graphics background built from boxes, but Block Fortress is a game with a different gameplay than Minecraft or Don’t Starve. This is a game that is more about strategy, goal rather than adventure, survival. The player’s task is to use available blocks to build for themselves solid walls, and at the same time arrange guns in positions so that they can withstand the massive attacks of enemies. during game play.

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4. The Blockheads

The Blockheads is a pretty “adorable” 2D cube game. Not only easy to see, easy to observe, but players can flexibly use the navigation keys (up, down, left, right) to move the character.

With the storyline quite simple but also full of attraction, players will be forced to find a way to survive, survive in the natural environment, and find ways to create tools, build shelters, and craft weapons. To fight, against the dark forces. Every day, characters can explore and explore the Big World by themselves and unleash their creativity in this World.

5. Block Story

If you want to find a difference, a prominent between these 7 games with Minecraft in general and Block Story and the rest of the games in particular, it is in the characters, in the graphics.

Not only a World of hard squares, Block Story also has a pretty good character class. In the game, you will be controlling a character with magic and a lot of extraordinary abilities, use this character to create different tools and weapons to equip yourself in the journey. explore the Infinite World of the game.

6. Growtopia

Vivid colors, eye-catching, lovely graphics, wide connectivity … that’s what any player can feel even in the first experience. Encouraged to play with many others, it can be said that Growtopia is a “game in the game” because when participating, players can freely create fun, smaller games in this game for their friends and friends. Others join in and compete with each other.

7. SurvivalCraft 2

In the list of games similar to Minecraft today, SurvivalCraft 2 is a “twin” game and has many similarities, most similar to Minecraft (from the name “Craft”, characters, terrain, game structure, for to gameplay …).

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When playing SurvivalCraft 2, you will “be” dropped on a desert island, without human life, without any weapons or tools in hand. Due to the context of the game is a desert island, so finding food is extremely difficult, you will have to “move on your own”, find ways to make the necessary tools, find food to survive, dance. gas for self-defense and building yourself a shelter.

And of course, like Minecraft, you should not get out of the shelter at night, because the creatures on this desert island are not really friendly and like the presence of humans.

8. Terraria

Another game has an “indeterminate” style of play that resembles “magic squares”. Terraria has no clear or specific purpose for players to aim for, they have to create their own characters, then create their own World for the character to explore.

Your character will have certain tools to survive and continue his journey of discovery such as weapons for self-defense, items for hunting, foraging …

Game like Minecraft Trove

Trove is game like Minecraft You should play if you want to “change the wind” a little. Trove contains all the blocky characters and building mechanics you’re used to but follow some free MMO game structures to diversify and enhance the gaming experience. You have a variety of character classes to choose from, from neon ninja to animal trainer Dino – and you can choose from 3 different crafting abilities. All of these variations have their own quirks, strengths, and weaknesses for you to build more effective teams.

Like Minecraft PC, Trove also has different crafting levels from difficulty to prize. However, the game still focuses mainly on construction and creativity.

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10. Roblox


You will find a lot of Minecraft-like survival games on this platform. In addition, Roblox also offers a variety of options for you to shape the game on the map, meaning you can craft everything from simulation to racing.

To add more appeal, Roblox also adds many differences compared to Minecraft. It has its own trading system where players can buy, sell and create virtual items, even clothes.

11. No Man’s Sky

Minecraft clones

No Man’s Sky is a Minecraft-like game about the gameplay of exploration and survival in the open universe that is created gradually over time. In the game, each star is the light of the distant sun, each planet is full of life and it is up to you to choose where to go. Fly gently from deep space to the surface of the planets in the universe. No Man’s Sky has no loading screens or limits. Many places and creatures never seen before in this universe are waiting for you to explore and conquer.

Since No Man’s Sky 2.0 update, the game has added more content to the multiplayer experience, upgrading key elements such as building bases, quests … All has changed significantly. content and gameplay, even, it is considered a great “descendant” of Minecraft. Here, you can build houses, plow fields, harvest crops, and turn excavation of natural resources into factories.

No Man’s Sky

The above is a summary of the top games with the most similar graphics and gameplay to Minecraft. If you are feeling the Mine World becoming boring, monotonous then this will be the perfect choice for you this summer. If you have not yet tried the Minecraft cult game experience, you can try the download link below:

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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