Quick War League: How to play Yasuo – Table jade, skills, how to map

Yasuo is a very powerful champion in League of Legends, and of course Speed ​​of war This is also a general that many gamers love. Let’s learn how to play Yasuo in League of Legends through the article below.

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Quick War League: How to play Yasuo – Table jade, skills, how to map

Yasuo’s strength and skills

It is no coincidence that Yasuo is called “the One” in the League of Legends. This general possesses extremely powerful and magical moves, can turn the situation of the game, good solo skills and overturn in combat. A highly skilled Yasuo player can confidently take the lane with all the other champions without fear of being outdone, walk almost all lanes and play a variety of roles.

Because of his great power, Yasuo also has a disadvantage that it takes time to practice and fight to be able to master this general. In addition, Yasuo also needs a certain amount of items to develop his strength.

Yasuo’s skill-raising order:

  • QQ – Swordstorm is the first max lift skill. It is both a main damage skill, and a crowd control skill with a push on the third Q.
  • E – Sweeping Sword: is the 2nd maximum lifting skill, after the Q. This is a skill that helps Yasuo create mobility, both for chasing and for escaping.
  • WW – Wind wall: Just increase 1 point at the early levels and increase the last max. However, it was absolutely necessary to block the skill aimed at Yasuo and his teammates.
  • R – Last time: The last move increases in the correct level.
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Jade Board and Yasuo Summoner spells

Yasuo is generally still a gladiator-type melee, with great damage and combining skills with attacks, the super-grade Conqueror gem will be the most suitable gem for this general.

In addition, players can also combine some other extra gems such as Brutal, Spirit Walker, Hunter Genius … to increase Yasuo’s power.

Yasuo’s base buff will still be Flash and Burn.

Complementary spells

How to equip Yasuo

The direction to equip Yasuo will also depend on the situation of the match, as well as the enemy team. However, there will still be equipment “sultry” for Yasuo to be able to up in almost any situation including: Ma dancer double sword (Phantom Dancer), Infinity sword (Infinity Edge), Angel armor (Guardian Angel Death’s dance …


I wish you success with Yasuo in League of Legends: Quick War!

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