Just finished Worlds, SofM was fined 5.5 billion dong by Suning for AFK when playing rank

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Last night, the official Weibo page of Suning Gaming issued a notice to punish the team’s jungle player SofM for having negative behavior while rank up, according to which SofM will have to pay a penalty of one month’s salary. This can’t help but surprise many people because SofM and his teammates just attended Worlds done, but not long ago had to face punishment.


It turns out that in a ranked match before Worlds, SofM’s mid laner and top teammate (Streamer Doyin Vuong Ky Sieu) made a mistake, which resulted in both being killed in combat. Too angry, SofM sold all equipment and AKF, and also mocked the level of his teammates too “chicken”. Because I’m playing with a streamer, SofM’s actions are livestreamed entirely on this teammate’s channel.

The incident immediately sparked a big debate, but at that time SofM and his teammates were about to participate in Worlds, so Suning’s side did not make any move. Waiting after S10 ended, the team leader officially made a decision to punish this player born in 1998:


It is known that now SofM is playing for Suning with a contract worth 65 billion/year, so every month this player will receive 5.5 billion dong, this is also the amount he has to pay a fine. Perhaps due to the upcoming Worlds, SofM became more stressed and easily angered, but it is clear that as a professional playerbehavior AFK his game is still worthy of condemnation, hopefully in the future this player will not make the same mistakes again.

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