MapleStory Blitz – When a terrible MMORPG has a style… Clash Royale

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MapleStory Blitz is the title card game Tactic with the same father and taking the same world as MappleStory, fighting in the same tower drop gameplay as Clash Royale. The game is released for both iOS and Android platforms.


As of this moment Maplestory Blitz is the only product that follows the true path of Clash Royale’s world conquest, which is to take the character inventory from a successful world-class game and put it all on the cards. If Clash Royale’s character is taken from Clash of Clans – a “flagship” in the real-time strategy game series, Maplestory is also a giant in the MMORPG series, especially in Southeast Asia. . The advantage comes from the familiar character store to help the title new game easier access to the majority of gamers. Maplestory used to make many attempts to reinvent itself, but only Maplestory Blitz is the most distinct “junior”.



Maplestory Blitz Owning a beautiful 3D design, a variety of arena models, the viewing angle is slightly tilted compared to the straight view of Clash Royale. The arena consists of two towers and 3 lines, the task of the gamer is to collect cards, put them in the deck and drop the troops when entering the battle.

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