Many North American organizations compete to leave CSGO

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The New England Whalers have just confirmed the disbandment of their CSGO roster. As DBLTAP reports, Chaos Esports Club is probably the next organization to leave.

Considered an extremely rough year for Counter-Strike in North America, two long-standing organizations in the sport are expected to quit the game. The New England Whalers disbanded the team because of the global health situation, while Chaos Esports Club has not made a statement on the matter.

Since joining in 2018, the New England Whalers have not won a major title but the team has been slowly finding its footing in recent times. The North American squad beat Furia Esports at IEM New York, a feat that helped them get promoted a lot. The situation is not necessarily so dire, as co-founder Diego Freitas once said “Whalers may return to CS: GO”.

This news comes after several hours of rumors that Chaos Esports Club might leave CSGO soon. The North American organization is said to be looking for a new organization for the current roster. Chaos dominated the North American region in 2020 and had their best record in the organization’s history this past week when they won IEM XV Beijing Online. That victory helped the team win the IEM Global Challenge in December.

CSGO North America is in a difficult position

The global health situation has impacted organizations in every discipline and region. But CSGO North America is the party that has been hardest hit by this as well as since the Valorant game was released. A series of professional CSGO players have quit CSGO to start over with Valorant, while organizations want to find fame in the enemy shooter game.

The New England Whalers are not the first team to leave CSGO. 100 Thieves disbanded the roster last month, citing the lack of a standout tournament. Many CSGO players left the game and changed to Valorant because the CSGO market in North America was too gloomy. Notable CSGO dropouts include Damian “daps” Steele and Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella.

The BLAST Premier Fall Showdown is intended to bring CSGO esports back to normal. However, with the recent series of events, Evil Geniuses will not be able to attend due to mobility problems. CSGO North America is definitely going through its darkest period.

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