When will CSGO Operation 10 come out

CSGO Operation Shattered Web

The CSGO community is currently very excited. It’s been 12 months since Operation Shattered Web launched and all the news is suggesting a new Operation is coming soon. Here’s what we know.

2020 must be said to be an unforgettable year for the CSGO community. Since Operation Shattered Web ended in March, the game has not been exciting at all. Some new maps, Krieg gets nerfed… it’s over!

However, the evidence shows that the new operation is very close. With CSGO once again breaking the player count record, Valve has also taken action.

CSGO Operation Shattered Web
It’s been a year since Operation Shatted Web debuted in CSGO. But now Operation 10 is said to be near

What do we know about CSGO Operation 10

According to sources close to Valve, Operation 10 is ready. It appeared after the game files were found to be quite similar to the Operation Shattered Web files.

Valve insider “Nors3” said on November 6 that Operation would be out in a week. But that time has passed but the fever has not stopped.

What players can expect in the new operation remains a mystery. Operation Shattered Web features a battle pass system that gives players access to a lot of the game’s content. That operation also has new maps, including all new agent skins for you to use.

With a year with no new CSGO content other than a few boxes, Operation 10 is expected to be the Christmas present everyone has been waiting for.

When will the next Operation in CSGO come out?

“Vavle time” is a very vague thing, so this answer is a bit difficult to answer. Operation could be out in a few days, weeks or months. It’s too hard to know the exact time.

Many sources say that the latest operation will launch at the end of 2020. So keep an eye out for the end of November and December.

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