Dota 2: Elephant sets 154k networth record in history

Elephant world record, 154k nw lead

Playing live on LAN for the first time and their third attempt in the tournament, Elephant set a new record in Dota 2 history.

Elephant on November 28 had previously had a fierce match against PSG.LGD in the semi-finals of the China Dota 2 Pro Cup season 2 losing bracket. Game 3 decided who would be eliminated, forcing Elephant to face the divine Techies. by XinQ on LGD’s side. The match lasted 94 minutes. Considered the second longest game in patch 7.27, Elephant finally broke the opponent’s throne to advance to the finals of the losing bracket. But they did not expect that rival EHOME would be a test for their endurance.

Highest networth gap in Dota 2 history

Dota 2 Elephant lap ky luc networth 154k trong lich su - Emergenceingame
Highest networth gap in Dota 2 history

Today’s losing bracket final was extremely interesting. After Elephant won game 1 with the Slark-Templar Assassin cores buffed with Ogre Magi’s Bloodlust, EHOME fought back in game 2 with the Lifestealer-Night Stalker- Void Spirit trio. The series extends to the decisive third game.

After two clear games, the last match was quite strange. Elephant picked Night Stalker and Keeper of the Light and then opted for a split push strategy, a tactic all too familiar in Dota 2. Nature’s Prophet took on mid to counter push from Drow, Viper, and EHOME’s Shadow Shaman. However, the combined combat avoidance strategy combined with split push made the match last 80 minutes.

With Eplephant being a recently formed Dota team, they really impressed when they had a networth advantage of 154k, compared to EHOME’s ability to fight back on the high ground, a team that can be considered a veteran in the game. Dota 2. Play as support but FY’s Lina has two Divine Rapiers, while Furion holds another Rapier and two Moon Shards for the Night Stalker. Despite possessing a huge amount of damage, they still have a part to wait until the last tier neutral item, as well as patiently eat Roshan. Elephant eventually forces EHOME into battle when there are no buybacks left to end the game.

Before this Elephant vs EHOME match, the previous networth record belonged to the Havan Liberty team. On September 15 of this year, they beat Thunder Predator at BTS Pro Series Season 3: Americas by 93k networth.

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