Making the game untrue, the top FPS was mercilessly beaten

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As one of the most popular game series in the world, Call of Duty cannot avoid many controversies. From bloodthirsty deals to pay-to-win and Call of Duty mechanics: Modern Warfare This year is no exception. While the game is highly appreciated by experts, a part of gamers are looking to “take down” Infinity Ward’s latest super product by “bombing” negative reviews on online review sites. As of the time of writing, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare only received a score of 3/10 on Metacritic, a modest number for such a quality product.


In terms of quality, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare really does not deserve such a low rating. The main reason for this is that Infinity Ward seems to be deliberately distorting the image of Russian soldiers, calling them just “bad guys”, which, according to the comments, is a “propaganda tool.” transmission” to “oppose the Russians”.

One of the comments read: “No way! The Americans were praised to the fullest extent and the Russian soldiers were nothing. A lousy propaganda tool. There’s no way I’m playing this game.”


Specifically, many people pointed out that the campaign content in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is also completely untrue when intentionally pushing American war crimes to Russia, the mission is called “Highway of Death”. god) is an example.

This is a historical fact, which took place in 1991 during the Persian Gulf War. There, American, Canadian, French and British forces (led by the US) joined in the attack on an Iraqi military convoy trying to withdraw from Kuwait. At that time, the Geneva Agreement prohibited shooting non-combatants, but the US and allied troops directly killed the refugees in that convoy. The truth is, but in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the situation is completely reversed, all these crimes are poured on the heads of Russian soldiers.

Moreover, “Death Highway” is not the only mission that distorts the image of Russian soldiers, making them look like bad villains. In another mission, Russian soldiers attacked a town in Urzikstan (a fictional country in the game), many honest people died at their hands because of a misunderstanding. They think that those people are working for some terrorist organization and are insiders for this organization. In the game, the most brutal actions and crimes seem to be attributed to the Russian army.


Although the developer has stated that this is a fictional product and does not involve politics, controversy is inevitable. Perhaps this is also the reason why Sony decided not to sell games at the Russian PlayStation Store. Activision has not yet commented on the matter. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.​

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