Looking for a “true strategy” game? Let’s try to come to Tam Quoc Liem Truyen

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6 months of debut, not too long a journey, but enough to help Tam Quoc Liem Truyen to leave a deep impression in the hearts of fans of the series. strategy game champion card. With a gameplay full of wisdom, breakthroughs in how to build generals and countless “brain hacking” fights, this playground has gradually attracted more and more “old people” to experience.

Three Kingdoms of Lies, after more than 6 months of launch, has received the support of a large number of players who are passionate about tactics

Considered to be quite difficult, it takes a lot of patience to find a chance to win, players of Three Kingdoms Lieu Truyen need to carefully study each champion, each skill effect or “terrible” combos. then decided to follow. Therefore, the young members, the group of gamers who are not persistent enough and do not have deep thoughts, it is difficult to hold on after a few defeats.

The game offers a gameplay that enhances the player’s intelligence and patience, where victory comes from skill

Mr. “Long Nhi”, a famous player at S51 of Tam Quoc Lieu Truyen has shared very closely about his journey to this game. Accordingly, he initially knew about the Three Kingdoms Lieu Truyen through a small advertisement in a battle of the Empire that he often watched. After learning about the test, Mr. “Long Nhi” was quickly convinced and captivated by this game.

“I really like this game because it reflects the story of the Three Kingdoms Dien Nghia that I like. From the old days, he also collected a whole series of Tam Quoc Dien Nghia, the first reissue of the story, very rare. After that, I also studied the principles and tactics of this series countless times.” – Mr. “Long Nhi” recounted.

There is no 360-degree rotating 3D graphics or terrible technology that sounds “shivering” but in the past 6 months, the Three Kingdoms of Lies Story has stirred up the gaming community and attracted a large number of users to join and experience. experience. Much of it must be attributed to a series of features and activities that create a connection between players and players. According to him “Long Nhi” commented: “I really like the community activities of the game such as forming a guild, battle royale, inter-server… Sometimes the rewards are not as valuable as being able to fight with brothers, plan and win. profit. That’s the joy that the game brings.”

The strength of Three Kingdoms Lies lies in a series of activities that help connect players together

According to him, “Long Nhi”, finding a game as desired, meeting and interacting with many friends who share the same passion is inherently a joy that is hard to come by. There is no need to compare, compete and then “make war”, as long as you all try your best to experience and enjoy the beauty and uniqueness that Three Kingdoms Lies brings, that’s enough.

Sometimes, it’s the fact that it’s fighting with your friends that is a rare joy for gamers

Along with the sincere sharing from Mr. “Long Nhi”, we even more affirm the attraction that Tam Quoc Liet Truyen brings to the community. In this game, players can “think” more, feel the good and bad of each fight and since then, they also gradually stick and “love” that playground more. It’s rare for a game where even just a guild battle, the legion can last up to… 12 hours. Players need to work with their teammates and comrades to think about the most meticulous and thorough strategies and tactics to destroy the “superior” opponents.

Indeed, Three Kingdoms Liet Truyen is a playground not for “young buffalo” but just a destination for the masters of the masters.

That’s it, Tam Quoc Liet Truyen is not a destination for “young buffalo” because you have to be really patient and capable enough to feel the joy in each match full of “brain hacks”. are the masters of the masters.

For more information about Tam Quoc Liet Truyen, readers can find out more at: https://bit.ly/3lB4Ja2

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