“Flag of dignity” Auto Chess VNG PC version officially launched

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Last November 30, PC version Auto Chess VNG was officially launched to help players have more options to experience this fascinating game.


PC version of Auto Chess VNG still retains the same gameplay, character creation, and equipment in Auto Chess, but the graphics have been improved a lot by the publisher VNG compared to the Mobile version. This version will be upgraded graphics by using the latest graphics platform – Unreal Engine 4. If you own a high-configuration PC, you can easily recognize this big difference, especially especially when zooming in on each piece on the map or watching the beautiful effects in the match.

In terms of overall gameplay, the chess pieces will automatically compete in the way that gamers apply tactics in the arrangement. Each piece will have different characteristics and fighting methods, and when there are 3 pieces of the same type, gamers can upgrade to help increase the skill strength of the pieces. There, you will have to confront 7 other players to form a dramatic fighting game. Whoever survives to the end will be the winner.

How to download:

  1. Access the link: https://autochessvng.com/vn/index.html

  2. Press the download button “PC Version”

  3. After the download is complete, proceed to extract the file “AutoChessVNG-PC.rar”

  4. After extracting, open the folder and click on the game icon “AutoChessVNG” to play it

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