List of Warframe gaming keyboard shortcuts

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Like other classic FPS shooting games, Warframe also has a shortcut system to help players experience more convenient, standard operations without taking too much time. Below is a list of Warframe gaming keyboard shortcuts that NPH has integrated into the game.

For professional gamers, using keyboard shortcuts when playing Warframe is essential, they are extremely useful in certain situations, switching operations exchange guns, drop guns, pick up guns …and many other highlights.

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List of Warframe gaming keyboard shortcuts

– W key: Move forward.

– S key: Move backwards.

– Key A: Move left.

– D key: Move to the right.

– V key: Press to switch positions between kneeling and standing (no need to hold like Ctrl).

– R key: Reload ammo.

– Q key: Turn on the equipment list.

– G key: Mark the place to call other players.

– F key: Switch between primary and secondary weapons.

– E key: Use melee weapons.

– X key: Interact with the environment and surrounding objects.

– C key: Press and hold to use the Voice Chat feature.

– T key: Turn on the chat window.

– Z key: View the list of players.

– M key: Show map level.

– P key: Show task progress.

– F6 key: Take a screenshot.

– ESC key: Display the Game Menu panel.

– Y key: Use passcodes, cheats commands.

– H key: Change observation position, camera.

– Key I: Observe.

– Shift key: Run fast.

– Space key (spacebar): Jump.

– Ctrl key: Press and hold kneeling or rolling.

– Number keys 1, 2, 3, 4: Use your character’s special skills.

– Left mouse: Shoot.

– Right mouse: Switch to aiming mode (for guns with a aiming system).

– Mouse wheel: Switch between special skills.

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Above is a list of Warframe game shortcuts that you can use during the experience. With the handy shortcuts above, your way to becoming a master in your 3rd-person shooter game will be a lot easier.

If during the experience, there are some cases such as lag or low FPS frame rate, you should refer to Configure Warframe game on PC to see if your system is suitable for playing games, this directly affects your gaming process on your computer.

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