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Female gamer Thien Long Bat Bo went to great lengths to find her “lover” through the game after 5 years of being lost

The article shared on an online forum that is receiving the attention of a large number of members is the confession of a 9x female gamer nicknamed Ngo Da Thanh about her time with the game. Thien Long Bat Bo More than 10 years ago, the same virtual love through the game can hardly be erased in memory.

It is undeniable that the game is not simply a game, but also a place where we meet many interesting relationships. But in a time when social networks were not developed like more than a decade ago, there was no phone or facebook like now, people easily meet each other, but it is also easy to lose each other. Click the mouse, and then time has passed when looking back, feeling unrelenting regret, everything has slipped out of hand.​


Along with her confiding lines, our girl couldn’t help but long to find her “loved one” again. The boy that year was by her side, loving, helping and caring. But the chaotic cycle of life swept her away and lost him without knowing it.

“In 2007 – 2008, that year I was in 11th grade, and I started to get addicted to the game TLBB. At that time, I was at the net shop day and night, a girl who sat in PK all day and chatted, thinking about it now still makes me feel tired.

That same year, I started to love, but love virtual, love games, everyone. That guy and I were over 1 year old and loved each other very much, but in the past, we had a leper phone to text back and forth, most of which we met on the game. I fell in love until I was in 12th grade when he went to university, long distance love was very stable, I was in Nha Trang, and he was in Son Tay. Time goes on, letters and gifts are still coming from North to Central and vice versa. Well, he still loves me, and I’m busy with games and friends. Since when have I become distant from each other and lost each other. I lost contact with him, at that time only yahoo and phone number, if lost, it would be considered impossible to find.


However, I was once again surprised, now I think again, I don’t understand why in 2013 I accidentally met him again, just on facebook. That year I had a job problem, I fell into a difficult situation and he helped me financially, encouraging me every day even though we had never met each other. I whirled around with work, with everything so that when I suddenly remembered, I lost him again.

2018 – 5 years ago I still want to see you again, still want to bow my head to apologize and thank you for everything. All the information I have about him now is not enough for me to find him again, but he is probably married now. Wish you happiness forever, hope you are somewhere safe and happy. If I have a chance, I would like to see you again.”


According to the information that she shared what she knew about “that guy”, it was Nguyen Manh Cuong, nicknamed Kean, born in 1990, address in Son Tay, Hanoi.

Her above confessions can’t help but make many people sympathize when they have also experienced “brilliant years”, such beautiful relationships with TLBB in particular, or “glorious” games. Surely, not only her, but also many of our other gamers are also concerned about an old figure that has been lost. Hopefully we will all be reunited again one day soon!

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