List of gaming keyboard shortcuts Among Us

Although Android and iOS users have somewhat better luck with the touch controls, if you are playing Among Us On PC, you need to know all the keyboard shortcuts to navigate or perform various actions in the game. Taimienphi has compiled them into a list of gaming keyboard shortcuts Among Us that you can use on your PC.

Refer to the entire Among Us gaming keyboard shortcuts, learn all the keybinds for PC in the article below. Taimienphi will provide all information about this feature, as well as how you can change the hotkey playing the Among Us game.

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Keybinds – Keyboard shortcut to play Among Us on the computer

Hotkey, gaming shortcut Among Us

The list below is specific to PC, Android and iOS mobile users will not have access to the Among Us gaming shortcut system, you need to be aware of this. As you can see, there are some gaming shortcuts Among Us that you may not be aware of. Instead of fumbling around with buttons on your computer keyboard, try using these because it will help you improve and increase your gaming efficiency.

Act Shortcut Keys
Move Arrow keys or WASD (or Numpad)
Use (USE) E or Space (spacebar)
Kill Q
Enable/Disable map view Tab
Sabotage (Impostor Only) E or Space (anytime)
Cancel selection Escape (ESC)
Full Screen On/Off Alt+Enter
Minigame Interactions Mouse Only

Map and Kill shortcut is very important

To be able to open the map quickly and efficiently while moving is extremely important. When playing the role of an Impostor, you will not want to waste time moving the mouse over the Kill button, instead use the keyboard shortcut Q in the game Among Us. However, be very careful not to accidentally press Q and get yourself into a bad situation. For this reason, we recommend using the up and down arrow navigation keys.

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Can you change the gaming keyboard shortcut Among Us ?

As it stands, there are no tricks or tutorials that can change the Among Us gaming keyboard shortcuts. The only option you have is to disable the keyboard buttons entirely and just use the mouse (not recommended because it’s hard to play and takes time). In the future, it is possible that Among Us developers will add a feature to change keyboard shortcuts.
Above is a list of keyboard shortcuts for playing Among Us on PC that users need to know, if there are any changes or features, Taimienphi will update immediately in this article, please pay attention to follow each article. ours.

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